Growth spurt at 18 weeks?

I have woken this morning and the tummy muscles across my lower tummy are very sore and achey. TMI alert.... I've also had a thick, creamy discharge in my underwear this morning too. 

Does the baby have a growth spurt around now or something significant happen inside me to cause me my discomfort?


  • hey hun, the middle trimester or " dormant trimester" is basically one big growth spurt for baby. it's pretty much fully formed by twelve weeks and have everything they need and do a huge amount of growing. there are ligaments that go from the top middle of the front o  your thighs up accross your tummy and these can be painful when they stretch to accomodate your growing bubba. if the pains are in like your minnie bone (sorry lol) then it may b  spd (symphisis pubic dysfunction) which means the joint at the front of the pelvis or the  pubis as it's medically know splits too much and causes pain. i had spd from 16 weeks in my last pregnancy and felt like I'd been kicked in the duckie by a donkey!!  the milky white com is normal hun, as long a  it's white and odourless and smooth in texture you've nothing to worry about. hope this helps hun xxxxx

  • Thanks a lot image

  • anytime hun image xxxx

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