listening to little heartbeat

hi ladies,

quick question my friend has given me Angel sounds baby heart monitor. and I was just wondering when can I start using it? im 7wks + (not exactly sure) is it worth trying to have little listen?

has anyone else used this before?xx


  • I didnt hear baby until 11 weeks and even then it took a good half hour to find but as long as you know not to worry if you cant hear babies heartbeat, then have a go. If you think you would worry then i'd leave it for a few more weeks as baby will be very tiny at the moment. good luck! X

  • yeah, I think its because shes given me it im dying to  use I just sit and stare at it without even realising it. she was able to hear from 9wks but I suppose everybody is different and it depends what way the baby is lying etc. I think i'll try and hold off for a few weeks and hide it in the process.xx

  • i would hold off for a few more weeks im 7 wks now and wouldnt try it, with my first i didnt try till i was 14 weeks.

    some times at an early stage you will not find any thing and it will casue more worry than any thing, my friend also picked it up on the angel sound at around 9 -10 weeks 


  • i think just because she has given me it I want to play with but I did think it was abit early. when I get home im going to hide

  • lol i was looking at them on ebay as well as wouldnt mind another one xx

  • Hi. I got mine today. I got it from eBay. I'm 15 weeks. I found the heartbeat after a few mins of trying. It was quite tricky to find and it kept moving! Lol x
  • I never found a heartbeat with something like that in my last pregnancy. Dunno if it was the way my DH was lying but I tried over and over again. image maybe they have got better over the years because she is seven in a few months xxx
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