9+2 pregnant and still no sign of a midwife, anybody else???

hi ladies

today i am 9 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy,have known ( as have doctors etc) about the pregnancy from four weeks pg. 

in my surgery/area you just leave your phone number and date of lmp in a notebook/diary and receptionist said midwife will contact you at twelve weeks. surely they should atleast PHONE you before this date to check wether there are any risk factors and if not make a booking in appointment for your 12 week mark and if there isn(like in my case) any "high risk issues" then an early.referral should be made???

i was just wondering if anybody else had this "system" in their area as it just sounds so ridiculous to me.

i had treatment from march to novembe  of last year (warfarin tablets and clexane injections twice daily) for a large pulmonary embolism (blood clot on my lung) which was caused by my last pregnancy and a blood clotting disorder. (i have factor 5 leidin mutation which means my blood is too thick and clots easily, it's effects and risks are much greater in pregnancy due to thicker blood and a higher blood volume) and i am disabled (i have spinabifida, scoliosis convex to the left and a ruptured disc which compresses the lower part of my spinal cord/cauda equina and nerves) all of these problems mean, for several reasons i am very high risk when pregnant and should be monitored/medicated from basically day one of finding out I'm pregnant. doc said a referral has been made at high risk clinic (about two/three weeks ago) but I've heard nothing as of yet. I'm thinking maybe the mw needs to do booking in appointment first so that cant happen until I've atleast been acknowledged by a mw! 

sorry for rambling on ladies, i would GREATLY appreciate you sharing your experiences. thanks in advance for reading this big waffle and your replies xxxxx


  • That's nuts! I saw mw at 8 weeks x

  • That is crazy! I'd be on the phone to them hun, try push to be seen now! I'm high risk this time but nowhere near as high risk as you & I've just seen my midwife at 5+5 at her request! Wouldn't normally be seen until about 8 weeks in my area. Xx

  • Call them they may have over looked you and you have every right to be seen sooner. Sometimes we need to push these drs. Best of luck.
  • thanks ladies, i will DEFFO be ringing on Monday mornin. i will let you know what happens xxxx

  • We c midwife at 10wks, but I ended up phoning docs for the community midwives number as I hadn't heard anything on appointment date x
  • My appt is next week when I am 10+1.

    I hate receptionists. They seem to think they are all powerful. Speak to your practice manager who can either sort it for u or explain the policy. At my old surgery they wouldnt let me make an appt for a smear test three months eunning because I didnt phone on day 1 of my cycle. The surgery was closed on two out the three months and the other I was out of town doing an exam so I was calling on day 2 or three. My doctor went mental and got the practise manager to see me apologise and sort the receptionists out xxx
  • they are just nobs lol excuse my french! they really cheese me off though. the receptionist seem  to think she is god and acts like I'm expecting some kind of special tretament an  thats honestly not the case, i don't expect or WANT to be treated any different to anyone else, quite the opposite in fact but having almost died literally bringing my last two daughter's into the world i wanna make sure it's not third time lucky for the grim reaper lol. if I'm honest i am terrified of something terrible happening even if it is just that i end up paralysed (best case scenario and a very real possibility from pressure of growing baby)  i just would like to know something is being done to atleast try and make sure that doesn't happen xxxxx

  • I didn't see mine till I was 13 weeks! I know they are under staffed but come on x

  • i agree ilovemygirls it's bloody ridiculous isnt it, I'm going to ring them in the morning and I'm not taking any fobbing off. they've now had over five weeks to contact me an  haven't. but what's more annoying is the referral to my high risk consultant was made three weeks ago and heard nothing from them either but htey KNOW  how high risk i am as i was under the same consultant with my last baby and treated by them up until November for a pulmonary embolism so I'll be asking what the HELL they think they are playing at!! *pregnant woman on a mission* xxxx

  • didn't see mine till 9 weeks. she worked every other week one day. so if she was booked would have to waitw
  • thank  booey , i ranf the supervisor of midwives at my local hospital this morning and explaine  everything to her but tbf even before i explained i am high risk she was horrified at the fact I'd still not heard anything and she's going to track down a midwife nd get them to give me a call to get the ball rolling. i wont hold my breath lol xxxx


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