Due 2nd October

Hi can I join you? i had my 12 week scan yesterday and they put me back 5 days so I'm now due in October instead of September. 

I've had horrendous morning sickness but I'm hoping it's easing off a bit now image

look forward to getting to know you all 



  • Awww congrats Hun glad ur well x

  • Hi Fiona , lovely to hear from you hun , were your others early or late ? you never know you could be in September , will you find out team blue or pink ? glad you're feeling better , should get better from here on x x 

  • Hi evemum, thank you. I was a week late with my first and 4 days late with my second so I'm pretty sure it's going to be an October baby image we will definatly find out what wee having, I could never wait for the birth lol. How are you getting on? X

  • Hi Fiona, congratulations! I'm currently due 6th Oct but with my son my dating scan moved me forward 4 days, if that happens this time we could be bump buddies! X

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