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Hi , we got our bfp last thurs, it was a shock as it wasn't planned and this will be baby number 3 but were really excited, im 5+5 weeks and have told parents this weekend. Not looking forward to the horrendous sickness I have had in past pregnancies tho image


  • Hello happy sausage! hopjng the sickness won't be too bad for u this time xx

  • Congratulations! Fingers crossed your sickness isn't too bad this time! When does it normally start 4 u? X
  • Hi thanks, it usually starts around 7 weeks and last 10-12weeks image

    Dutchwifey your lo are born same years as mine dd march 10 and ds march 12

  • I feel your pain HappySausage! Last pregnancy I was medicated for morning sickness as it got so bad I was losing weight. Congrats though! We can share morning sickness control tips! Did you try the travel sickness wrist bands?

  • Hi yes sickness bands, anti sickness smelling stuff, sickness tablets and even a hypno cd lol. I have lost about a stone in first 4 months in previous pregnancies. We can be morning sickness buddies lol
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