Early scan today


had my early scan today. Should have been measuring 7 weeks. Gestational sac was spot on but the baby was not the correct size. They did an internal and there was a heartbeat but the baby measured 6 weeks so a week behind. I'll find out more tomorrow when I get my official results and I expect I'll have to go back in a week to see if things have improved. Feeling a bit down about it all. 


  • Ahh know it's hard but try not to worry. With my dd they moved me back 5 days at my 12 week scan even though I knew 100% when I conceived. Ended up being 10 days late but really it was only 5 by my dates!! Fingers crossed things have improved at your next scan!! X
  • Ph that must be very worrying for you Dutchwifey. Did they say anything about the speed of the heartbeat? That's got to be a good sign though, right? Was it a private scan or nhs? What's the result you get tomorrow? Fingers crossed for you x

  • Sending you hugs hunny. It's Donna btwimage I really have everything crossed for you that all is ok xxxxx
  • Thinking of you xx
  • Hi huni i went for an early scan today as well, i am 7wks and 2 days via the scan but thought i was 7 wks and 4 days, they say you can be upto 2 weeks difference so try not to worry xxxx

  • I know how worried you must feel but it's a good sign that you saw a heartbeat, just remember it's hard to get accurate measurements this early. At least you get another scan soon to check everything. Fingers crossed for tomorrow xx
  • Well I got the official results today and they have dated me as 6+1 which is only 6 days earlier than my dates. I read that they can be up to 5 days out at this stage and it isn't a cause for concern so I feel slightly better now. Will have bloods taken this week and I expect I'll get another scan in a week or so. Thank u for all your words. Xxxx


    ps hi donna! Wandered if I'd be seeing u here!! xxx

  • sarah- glad your scan went well! xx

  • Csmummy- heartbeat was 124, I assume this is normal yes?? Xx

  • Dutchwifey thats good, try not to worry as hard as it maybe, and its good to see the heart beat at 6wks 1 day xxx

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