Digital tests!

So, 14 dpo should be the first day that shows 2-3 weeks, right? I tried on 14 dpo and it was still 1-2, then tried on 15 dpo with FMU and it was still 1-2. 

Thankfully I tried again today, 17dpo with FMU and it showed 2-3, but still, it took a reeeally long time to show up. Even my husband was starting at it, waiting for it.

Is this a problem? Everything I read suggests that these things aren't accurate, but I know exactly when conception took place, as baby is the result of a form of IVF.

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  • I got 1-2 weeks at 14dpo. I then got a 2-3 7 days later. I didn't take a test in between. I wonder if its from implantation not conception. Don't worry about it, I have looked at lots of hcg level graphs and seen the clearblue one. Which is well dodgy lol. Besides they cant be very accurate on the conception indicator as HCG levels vary per person and everyone drinks different amounts and urine concentration varies.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and here's to a happy and healthy eight and a half monthsimage
  • Also what alot of money on tests lol image just reread yr post I didnt see the test at 15dpo lol.

    There is absolutely no point taking another digital until at least a week after yr 2-3 result and personally I wouldn't bother because if the technology fails you and doesn't say 3+ you going to feel much worse that you do already. Also a lot of people don't get 3+ until 6weeks ish.
  • Yeah, I'm going to try the digi again next Sunday, Monday if I can. After everything we have lost in our journey to get here, I am just finding it too hard to feel that I'm pregnant and nothing is going to go wrong. Not that it means anything, hcg can go up even with a mmc or ectopic.

  • I've annoyed myself by using the digitals! Lol! Did one at 5 weeks & it said 2-3 then at 6 weeks I didnt use FMU & it still said 2-3. Annoyed that I didn't just wait until the day after!! Not going to let it bother me! Got a scan next Saturday so I can wait until then!! 

    With my dd the digitals were brilliant, I got a positive 1-2 weeks 5 days before my period was due!! Since trying for this baby it seems that's really rare!! So when that didn't happen this time I freaked out!! X

  • Glad its not just me, MummyTaylor2!

  • I've just purchased another two digitals. I can't help myself :-/ xxx
  • me too, yesterday, because it hadn't changed to 3+ when it should. I tried yesterday it was still 2-3, I'll try again tomorrow I think. image

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