when are you telling people?

I know the 12 week mark is the biggie for public knowledge, but what are your plans for sharing your news? As our newest addition is from a type of IVF, everyone has known about it, my work colleagues, line manager, friends, family, other due date groups... I've pretty much no-one left to tell except my son's nursery and random facebook friends I've not seen since school days!

I'm a teacher though, and if possible I'm going to try to make to to the summer holiday before telling students. That will be 21 weeks... hopefully I take a while to show like my last pregnancies!


  • Hi huni 

    i want to tell my family now since iv had my scan but my partner wants to wait till the 12 wks mark, we told everyone with my 1st at 10 weeks as it fell on christmas day xx

  • I want to keep it a secret till the birth lol!! Had to tell my mum today but she's not going to say anything to my dad till 12 weeks. I'd rather not tell mil and fil till 20 week scan or later as due date probably falls on my oh nieces bday (who recently passed away).
  • Both sets of parents & my best friends know now but will be telling everyone after the 12 week scan! Some people at work have started guessing so I won't mind as much them knowing after our 8 week scan! Xx

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