a faith line that disappear

Could anyone put any light on it


  • And now u can see the grey line where the faith line was
  • it sounds like it may have been whats known as an evaporation line hun. its when the moisture sort of catches on where the second line WOULD be if the  test were posiitve.  when is your period due hun? if it's very early and your period isn't due yet I'd test again in a couple of days or on the day your period is due. hope this helps xxx

  • if th  line is grey it deffo sounds like an evap line hun sorry, if th  line is pinky, no matter how feint it's a positive but if the line is grey or has no actual colour at all it's usually almost definitely an evap line xxxx maybe try posting.  pic of th  test by clicking the little tree icon on top of the text box xxxx

  • Hey hunni I am due on tomorrow xx
  • i hope it is just a little early for you hun an  you do ge  your bfp, which tests did you use hun? i find the pink dye tests are most reliable and superdrug and wilkinson do two for thre  pounds fifty which are very reliable also supermarkets like asda and tesco do their own brands for just a few pounds which are also really reliable, i wouldn't recommend clear blue as in my experience and also other peoples that ive heard they're not very sensitive in early pregnancy  especially the digital ones. I'd deffo recommend the pink dye tests. try testing again tomorrow and dont drink too much too fill your bladder before doing the test as it can dilute the hcg hormone and give an inaccurate result. either use first morning urine or wait till you need a wee naturally and do it then. good luck hun and lots of baby dust coming your way xxxxx

  • thank u hunni still not started bleeding gonna do another tomorrow xxx 

  • good luck hunni, i hope it's a bfp for you today!! please keep me posted, sending lots of baby dust your way xxxxxx

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