my dio thread has been moved and i can't find it!

hi all, i started a thread for ladies due in October but it was move  from the "pregnancy" section (which i can always find easily) to somewhere else by bx and now i can't locate it image if i go to "my profile" and scroll down "my posts" i can click on a link to it by viewing one of my old posts but surely there's got to be an easier way?? 

is anybody else having problems finding it or is it just me being daft lol also I'm thinking if someone is dio and haven't posted on there before how are they going to find it?? 

thanks ladies I'm sure its just me being stupid image xxxxx


  • Hi babes its been moved to the due in october 2014 area, why i dont know!

    to find it a bit easier you can click on followed threads thats how i find them xxx

  • thanks hunni image stupid way of having to do it isn't it! it was fine for me and much better how it was, not sure why it was moved as regardless of what month you're due in it's still a pregnancy topic!   it seems a little bit dead in that "my babies du in october" bit to me, makes me wonder if other people can't find it either. it wa  meg  easy on the old site to find the "due in" thingies i much preferred that version of the site. i hate change haha 

    how you doing hunni i rang high risk consultant today, explained they were kind of taking th  bob miss and lo and behold ive now got an appointment at two o'clock tomorrow with my consultant!! image xxxx

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