humous in pregnancy???

hi ladies  i was just wondering what your opinions are on eating humous while pregnant. i always thought it was ok but someone mentioned its a very bad food when pregnant and to avoid it like th  plague. i was shocked at this so did osme research and I've read online it is apparently a pregnancy super food!??? it contains high levels of protien fibre and folic acid in just one tablespoon. it says there's a chance of Listeria bacteria infection if it's not stored properly and it also says as long as it's eaten within two days of opening and is kept in the fridge it's safe and actually highly recommend as a source of essential prenatal vitamins. sooooo confused lol xxxx


  • I think it's okay if it's not homemade with raw ingredients. It's only chickpeas, can't be that horrific! 

    When I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first, we went to Paris for our honeymoon. I was so naughty and had patisserie cakes (with raw eggy goo), steak tartare and pate. I figured french ladies don't cut it out and their population hasn't suffered xx

  • exactly my thoughts on it all lol. surely there's gotta be worse things i could be doing right? asked my mw today and she said she always thought it was good for you!! yetmy s.i.l said her mw told her to avoid it like the plague, just goes to show you how a lot of it depends on the midwives personal opinion!!!  xxxx I've eaten a tub of hummous now anyway and it was gooooood! lol xxxx

  • I think I'd have done the same x

  • I'd eat it, just be a lot stricter about chucking after 2 days!

  • Eww lol xxx I couldn't stomach that atm x
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