Raspberry leaf?

Hey ladies 

my friend absolutely swears by raspberry leaf tea, or capsules whatever they are, however I'm confused by them! What does it actually do and why do midwives dislike it, my friend said the women her family have  always taken it with their pregnancies but NEVER ,mentioned it to their midwives etc . . . . ? Xx


  • It 'tones' the uterus and can cause mild contractions. It hasn't been researched enough to know if it's safe during pregnancy. It's good for women who are ttc but only up to ovulation as it's thought to cause miscarriages. Some midwives also recommend it from 37 weeks to help prepare for labour xxx

  • Great thanks I'll ask my midwife about it when I go in a few weeks see what she says xx

  • Hiya , I tried raspberry leaf for the 1st time with my 3rd n was in labour an hour later , delivered 5 hours later , was 3 days over so was probably ready anyway , drank it with my 4th for 2 weeks before she was due , she was born a week early , think it def helps to strengthen contractions , will get some in from 38 weeks again I think , but would be cautious to take it anytime before 37 weeks , how many weeks are you again hun ? x x 

  • I'm 31 weeks and 5 days imageyeah my friend and her sisters started taking there's at 34 weeks,mans they used the excuse that it takes at least 2 weeks to get into your system? I don't know about hat tbh, so I think around the 37 week mark like you said is probably about right, might do abit more research on it tbh because you can't be too careful wth this sort of thing xxx

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