Your 20 week scan?

So I've got my 20 week scan next Tues and I wondered how long yours took and what questions you asked. We don't want to know our baby's gender so I have said to DH that we "must" remember to tell the sonographer when we get in the room.


  • Hi

    I was in mine roughly for 10-15 minuets. I didnt really ask questions as the woman i had wasnt talking and getting on with her job as this scan is to make sure baby is growing normal and healthy.

    I did ask if baby was ok though as she wasnt saying anything and she said everythings fine. Also i asked to find out the sex if she couldas i dont think she would have done this unless asked.

    When you go for yours tell them you dont want to no the sex and they shouldnt look in that area. If they do get them to tell you when to look away. Also to be on the safe side as you never no what position baby will be in you could look away when their about to scan you and get them to let you no if its safe to look?

    Just an opinion image you could also ask what it is their looking at and if everything seems normal.

    Good luck!x
  • Oh brill. Thanks Haleigh. Yes, My hubby and I are sticklers for not wanting to know and I can hand on heart say I would be gutted if we found out by mistake.Good suggestion re looking away etc. I'll bare that in mind. 

    Will I need to drink a gallon of water still before I go? x

  • Yeah make sure you have a full bladder! My appointment was at 8:20 in the morning and even when im not pregnant as soon as i wake up i HAVE to wee lol so i went for one. Drunk some juice i brought with me thinking id be ok and strait away she knew as she said my bladder was empty. She didnt seem to happy either but if you need to go you need to go lol x
  • Exactly! I had the same kinda thingat my 12 week scan where she tried and then sent me out to drink more water.... Problem is last time and this time I will be going straight from work and I know if I don't pee befoe leaving work, I'll be absolutely dying to go when I get home and no doubt, if i do pee before I leave work, ill need to drink more water! lol

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