the painful boob situation

Hi ladies. Was wanting to see if anyone else was having the same problem as me. 9 wks pg and My breasts are complete agony atm. So sensitive and sore. Has anyone else had this? And any suggestions for relief?? Xx


  • Hey Hun yes I had this in very early pregnancy - I found the only thi g for me that relived it abit was a warm shower or bath then abit of bio oil or baby oil afterwards if I could stand it. Don't worry to wont be a perm / long lasting thing you will most prob find it will disappear after the 12 weeks mark. Also try a comf but pretty padded brjust his helped me as I used to nock them some times and they were really painful so abit of extra padding helps xx

  • I was in absolute agony and I had to wear a tight vest top to bed. I have found it's gotten better now though and they arent so sore

  • Yess mine hurt soo much at the stage your at!

    I ended up buying a couple sports/training tight crop tops/bras what ever there called lol and slept in them as it was too painful with out. Worked amaaazing and didnt have any problems in bed with one on. There fine now and im back to sleeping with out image have done for ages x
  • Injust hope it passes soon. I'll maybe try the sports bra tonight! Its the most awkward feeling ever. I feel like I have to help guide them in bed at night and my husband thinks its hilarious im gently moving them which i suppose it
  • Haha i felt like a old lady when i was turning round in bed they would hurt that much lol but honiestly the sports bra helps soooo much image keeps them in one place lol xx
  • so tired the sports bra last night and my goodness! it helped so much! I didn't wake up once at all to move myself into a comfy spot! this is definitely the way forward!!! image thanks girls!!! xxx

  • Glad it helped loads image

    I no deffo for my next pregnancy il be investing in loads more!xx
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