How is everyone doing?

How are we all feeling?

I've been off work for 6 weeks with complete exhaustion and fatigue, but am starting to feel better and am aiming for work on Monday. I'm not very good at not being at work and doing nothing so it's been long enough! I'm 10 weeks today (1/4 of the way through!) so starting to feel like the end of first trimester is beginning and I can start enjoying (hopefully) my pregnancy. The nausea has started to ease a bit too, so fingers crossed.



  • That's good news about the nausea easing. Good luck with work tomorrow. I've found my general nausea has almost gone but certain foods make me want to puke! I"ve got my scan tomorrow, very excited x

  • Im really down today as I have work tomorrow image Been off on annual leave for 3 out of the last 6 weeks and only got two days to get through and I am of for 3 days. Then I am back for my usual 6 days work in a row malarky image

    I'm too tired in the house to do housework and sick every day now. I clean a care home and its heavy going. I wish I could just curl up under my covers image xxx
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