maybe tmi sorry

So me oh had a bit of day time nookey and it started some serious Braxton hicks! They have settled down a lot now but I'm still getting occasional one should I worry? Anyone else have this issue?


  • I have had them a few times after , don't think it's anything to worry about hun , find it abit better if not too energetic , find myself really puffed out - does that happen for you also ? sorry if a bit personal image n also not too bad if lie still for abit afterwards but as always need the loo soon after , hope they settle down soon hun x x 

  • I find walking any distance starts them too. image they've settled now took a few hours though guess I know what to do if I go over due lol
  • Yes , me too , can almost feel the little bum or something hard anyway sticking out , don't remember it this early with the others , yes , best start to labour I think , wanted to do that with last dd but waters had gone so couldn't  , good excuse to take it easy tonight hun x x 

  • hi puddy, how far along are you hun and what number baby is it? sorry if i sound like I'm giving the spanish inquisition lol it's just it can all make a difference to b.h, when you get them and how strong they are. I've found in previous pregnancies (pregnancy number eleven for me and baby number four) that they have started as early as 14-15 weeks which panicked me at the time but i was reassured to be told by consultant and mw that it is quite normal and often intercourse can cause thrm as sperm can very slightly dilate the cervix (helps them get through during conception) also the increase in blood blow to the uterus and entire pelvic area during pregnancy causes all sorts of wierd and wonderful but sometimes worrying symptoms. in second third fourth pregnancies braxton hicks can be felt sooner and as  as they are not painful or accompanied by any bleeding you have nothing to worry about image  (easier said than done hun i know) i think evemum has the right idea with the resting should they get a little too uncomfortable and you should find they ease off. if ever you're worried hun, contact your mw I'm sure they will be happy to reassure you too image  hope this helps xxxxxx

  • cheers ladies im nearly 30 weeks and this is pg no 6 and baby no 4 ive had them since week 13/14 ish but not really after the nooky!! they were really strong and all across my back too!! but no sign of them this morning!! maybe the nooky will just have to wait now for a few weeks lol i remember with my other pgs it happening but not so painfull. not alot of point asking my mw she is about 12 and seems not to know much at all.

    ah the joys of being pg 


  • pmsl puddy that made me literally laugh out loud when u said your mw is about 12 lol they do seem to be getting younger and younger though tbf don't they! the on  i had with my one  yr old was about 614 years old and her views and advice were really old fashioned this time my mw is about the same age as me,maybe.  little younger and she TOTALLY contradicts everything the other older mw told me so i have decided to just do what I think is best with most stuff as their views differ so greatly depending on when they did their training so I'm going with the "mum's know best" policy this time. xxxx

  • Lol with my 1st 3 girls I had the same two midwifes one retired whilst I was pg but made sure I could contact her if needed and the other one was late 50s but this time myn
  • Silly phone! My mw is really young I'm only 29 and she has to be a good few years younger than me. Never had children herself and I think it's her first post so when I ask her things she looks terrified lol I miss the old fashion way I loved the way my old midwifes had common sense
  • I think you're both right , they do get stronger the more pregnancies you have - 7th pregnancy - 5th baby (last mw I had was young n moved practice as had 2 sons of her own since my last 4 years ago so have a new mw this time , in her 50s n lovely n very informative ) thought the after pains were going to be terrible after #4 as after #3 they were awful but luckily they weren't too bad , have you given much thought to the birth yet ? don't know why but I'm quite apprehensive this time , my 3rd was quite a quick easy birth but the 4th was long n very painful with back to back contractions with hardly anytime to catch my breath inbetween for the last hour or so n when it was over I said to dh " thank goodness I never have to go through that again " then you forget ..... until you're pg again n it's not like climbing a mountain , you can't stop half way ,,,, sorry , just having a moment of panic I guess , extremely grateful to be pregnant again but the pain that goes with it ..... probably best not to think about it too much for a minute x x 

  • All I think about is labour! I worry it's going to happen to soon or that I won't get to there in time or my oh will miss it I've had 3 easy labours and I'm worried il get a awful time this time I almost can't wait to go into labour just to get it over with!
  • Think it's cos there are so many unknowns , the good thing is we know what to expect but that can also be the worst bit .... we know what's to come ..... I shouldn't complain really , my labours have also been quite easy , compared to some , just a worry isn't it , getting the kids organised if it's the middle of the night etc , it will all sort itself out I'm sure x x 

  • See for me middle of the night would be ideal everyone I know has a job or young kids so if it happened at night they would at least be home! Ive no useful family to help so night would be best ideally between 8 and 11pm lol if only I could book a appointment to give birth !
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