So bored!

hey ladies, goi a it stir crazy here, I finished work about 4 weeks ago now (I had 6 weeks holiday to use before maternity) and I'm 31 weeks and 5 days, and I've pretty much got everything sorted, nursery, clothes hospital bags, etc ive done it all, and now I'm like, what do I do now? All my friends work full time and so do my family and my fiancé works all sorts of shifts on the railway, so I'm on my own a lot. Everyone keeps saying I should make the most of it and enjoy the rest etc, which I totally get, but I'm not the kinda person who can just have a pj day, I like to so things and be productive! I think the ext course of action is research what we would be entitled too, I mean my partner has a fantastic job and earns a good wage but due to this I will get no support for childcare costs should I return to work full time, so I would be working to pay for the privilege of someone else looking after my child for no gain? Sorry if I'on rambling on here I'm just getting really fed up image xx


  • Hi

    I toatly understand what your saying. Im 31 weeks tomorrow and often through out the day i get bored lol and like you have said all my friends work plus boyfriend does. My mum doesnt work on a Monday so i at least have the weekend and Monday to look forward to.

    Ive just about done the nursery, ive washed and ironed all her clothes but not yet done my Hospital bag. Was going to wait for start of April to do that. My boyfriend always says watch films or go on his playstation :/ ive got to be in the mood for a film. Cant just sit there all day watching or reading a book like some can. Ive downloaded a few jigsaws on my ipad but give it half hour and im bored again lol.

    I would love to advice things on what you can do but if i knew then i wouldnt be in the same situation lol. My boyfriend is off now though for 3 weeks so at least there will be another person in the house i can actually talk to. Im not working at the minuet so where sorting out what money we can get towards things. Just applied for my maternaty grant that job centre said i would be entitled to but i think thats just a one of payment and you only get it with first baby.

    Have you gone to your local job centre to see if could get any help if you decide to stay of work longer?xx
  • Well we won't get any grants etc, because myself and my partner earn enough I. The eyes of this government! So I won't be able to go back to work whe. Ive had baby because I am not working 43.5 hours a week just to pay for child care it sucks! I've worked since I was 16 and don't know what I'm going to do with myself the prospect of not working scares the hell out of me! Yeah I'm he same i can't just sit and watch tv or films too it's pretty sucky but I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels like this xx

  • hey Im the same Im nearly 32 weeks, my husband works 12 hours day. am bored out my head most days. lol. i have a few rests in the day, eat watch tv that's about it. i done bag and nursery, few bits to wash left. i can't really go out now due to bein so uncomfortable and back ache, and my Hubby don't want me driving far. i thought i would enjoy doin nothin lol but its tedious! image
  • Same here - I don't go far in the car either about 2 weeks ago some young lad crashed into the side of my car so it's made very Wary! Another thing is if you just nip to the shops for something to do you always spend money don't you lol - ah I'm with you on the back ache this week I've started to get really bad lower Bach ache, so going for walks isnt enjoyable either, I'm thinking of doing daily to do lists, even if its just has silly little menial tasks on it just so it feels lime I've actually doNe something xx

  • im the same im nearly 30 weeks and ive been over organised everything is ready 

    my older 2 go to school and my youngest goes to playgroup every afternoon so i end up hanging around doing not much. plus ive not much energy to do stuff

  • This is exactly why I am doing the bonkers thing of finishing on the 8th August when our baby is due on the 10th image

    I would get driven insane!

  • I only worked part time before but it was enough to keep me sane. I decided it was best to finish early as I work in care and was finding it very difficult moving people but now I'm wishing I'd done a few more weeks
  • Yeah I had to finish earlier than I wanted to because I was just so tired and mentally exhausted I kept making mistakes. 

  • If you were born 40 years ago u could have knitted cardigans for baby while listening to the wireless lol. So maybe learning a new hobby. Creativity is great for lifting your spirits and making time fly. Maybe painting a canvas for the nursery? Cross stitching a wee thing for the wall? If yr talented... im not lol.

    Last time I was pregnant there was an antenatal group which was a chance for a wee chat with others with a midwife there in a lovely community building. We also had a wee info session and visitors came in doing things like hand massage. Is there anything like that in your area? xxx
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