hair change?

Im 27 weeks pregnant ive never done highlights on my hair i want to try it now is it safe???????:O


  • Hi

    Highlights are fine. Just make sure you get them done at a hairdressers and someone whos qualified to do hair on pregnant women. Also they will need to do a test strip before as when pregnant hormones are all over the place and hair colour can at times not take x
  • Hi Im a qualified hairdresser, highlights are fine as the bleach is not applied directly to the scalp, so foil highlights are better for you during pregnancy than a full colour tint, as the dye espresso dark dyes that are full of parabens etc penetrant the scalp. On etching to be mindful of tho due to hormones is you may not get the desicould lour you we're looking for, and any good reputable stylist will and should advise you of that, I have previously known Pregnant women's har once lifted with peroxide to have a green ish tint! However previous to pregnancy she was absoltely fine with the colour etc. xxx

  • . . .    Also with highlights, after you have had the baby you will notice that the general overall condition of your hair may become quite lank and dry, added on top of that highlights which dry your hair out anyway, I would recommend a good conditioning treatments and Moroccan oil Until your hormones go back to normal xx

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