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Hi So im just over 31 weeks and this past week every now and then baby will shake that much inside me it shakes my belly and i can see her moving. Its like shes having a siezire :/ cant spell the word sorry! Is this normal? Is baby just being very active at this point or trying to get compfy? She just did one now so had to post this. Thanks x


  • Its fast as well when she does it
  • She's probably just thrashing around chick but if ur worried call ur midwife x

  • I cant find her number and shes off at the minuet.

    I did some googling and on another baby website there were other mums saying they have this and asked midwife and said it was baby just being active or shaking themselves out of a spot they didn't like. If it carries on i'll deffo mention it at my next appointment x
  • my third baby used to do this not my first two, just the youngest. it literally scared me to death as it was so fast it was more of a vibration than a wobble if that makes sense.  she did it around five times in the entire pregnancy but it scared me into a blind panic as i just felt that she was panicking to b moving that fast, i thought allsorts! to this day i don't know what it was so sorry i can't help explain it hun but i just wanted to let you know you're not alone. it would only ever last about ten or twenty seconds but it was enough to terrify me. can you feel buv moving now hun, if you're worried I'd ring labour ward at ur local hospital hunni. my bub was ok and is one now but i know how scary it is and reassurance is essential so you don't worry too much hun xxxxx

  • Same thing happens to me! Definitely feels weird but im pretty sure it's nothing to worry about if baby is still moving and kicking as normal.. image
  • Thanks keepthefaith image

    I have a antenatual class on Wednesday, my last one so will ask the midwife when i see her! I mentoned it to my mum today and she said she never had it with her two pregnancies but knowing that other pregnant women have had it makes me feel better lol.

    Yes shes moving loads image im feeling so much pressure these past few days! Always comes on at night and my belly just aches. Been getting a bit more discharge as well so might give this also a mention on Wednesday unless this is normal now with that stage im at? Xxx
  • I just went to the toilet and i dont no if theres a bit of blood on my knickers or if its just discharge as like said im getting quite a bit but this bit is like a browny sorta colour.

    My midwife is off for another week and the midwife i seen last week was useless! When i thought i had a bit of spotting last time it with the useless midwife and she said its nothing where as my proper midwife would have given me the anti d to be on safe side. Im stuck with what to think of it and do
  • hi hun, so sorry i missed this post. are you ok? any bleeding in pregnancy should be checked out. it honesty usually is nothing to worry about but, for your own piece of mind, I'd say get checked out. i think if you don't really trust or get on with your mw then maybe ring your labour/maternity ward for advice hunni. chances are they will ask u to go down for monitoring whixh i know can be a pain in the bum but if it puts your mind at rest hunni then it's all worth it in the end. i had bleeding in my 28th week with my youngest and i panicked, especially as I'd had a previous complete abruption. i went and tot checked out and it turned out baby had turned to go head down, she had bumped and banged around qnd k knocked my cervix and the bleed was more than likely caused by the tiny blood vessels just popping with the pressure (painless and absolutely harmless but terrifying) and everything was absolutely fine. they kept me in a couple of days due to my history and gave me steroid injections for her lungs whixh initially freaked me out but all was fine with us both hun. she stayed head down until delivery at 38 weeks by section and had rubbed her head on my cervix so much in the end she was completely bald juat on th  top of her head lol how are you now hunni xxxx

  • Hi keepthefaith

    Well i seen a different midwife yesterday and she took my blood. Well a trainee did that part and now my arm is badly bruised! Lol. She had a feel of my belly and said if there was a problem i would have been in pain when she was pressing down. I asked about why im getting soo much pressure and she said baby is already well down into birthing position already! Asked if she could end up turning round and she said she doubts it with how low she is. Bit scary as im only 32 weeks this Friday so i keep thinking what IF she ended up early with how low shes at :\

    Had a call back this morning and they found a bit of antibodies in my blood so i need a small dose of the anti d again which shes going to give me before the antenatal class.

    Awww haha bless her that made me laugh with the bold spot image il be happy if mine has hair as i was bold when born! Lol. Hows your pregnany going?xxx
  • aww bless, they don't half worry us even before they are born dont they hun. my little girl was head down from 28 weeks and altbough I'd get reeeally strong braxton hicks she stayed in there to cook till she was evacuated by c section at 38 weekz lol so please try not to worry hun, it doesn't always mean they will come early she's just found a comfy spot. it's good she is already into position too in a way a  atleast you know she knows where the exit is and that should make labour easier image  I'm having.  few probs at the moment, it's been a bit of a nightmare tbh, I've been bleeding now for almost six weeks (I'm 11 weeks today) and monday th  bleeding got really heavy so i have a scan at ten fifteen in the morning to see if I've had a missed misscarriage. the hospital and midwife and myself are already sure it is and mw is all ready and waiting to sign me off from her care afternscan confirms it tomorrow. there is.  tiny part of me that thinks it's ok and the bleeding is being caused by a polyp or growth on my cervix but i don't want to get my hopes up when i know, like th  mw said, it's not looking good. i suppose i will know for sure either way in the morning. I'm ok though, I've had my melt down yesterday lol i just feel ready for closure now if that makes sense.it's been a looong six weeks image xxxx

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