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5 weeks and no symptoms?

Hi ladies

I am around 5 weeks pregnant and my only symptoms have been bloating, bad skin (thanks!), cramping on and off (seems to have gone now) and some pressing feelings on my stomach. I did an internet cheapie test yesterday and its much darker than before. I am not very tired, and my bbs aren't sore. Just so paranoid till my 7 week scan as i have waited 3 years to be pregnant. Just looking for reassurance really image xx



  • Hi Levi. I didnt really have many symptoms at 5 weeks. I found it hard to find a comfy position to sleep in, and the slightest effort at work or with housework would leave me super tired. From what I've read a lot of the morning sickness etc can occur in week 6/7.  I am only getting mild bouts of nausea atm & have gone off lots of food items. I also get super thirsty. Hope this message reassures you a little x x

  • Congrats on ur bfp hun, my symptoms came and went for the first 11 weeks then I just felt horrendous till I had her lol x

  • Hey levi, I kinda said this on another thread, but I had no symptoms at all until I was in to my 7th week. I know it does little to say not to worry because I drove myself crazy till I got my morning sickness...and even after that if I'm being honest.

    I found out early like you and those first few weeks drove me mad.

    You deserve this more than anyone hun, it's perfectly normal not to have many symptoms yet
  • I felt exactly the same! I had no sore boobs, no sickness, no tiredness etc what so ever until about 7/8 weeks, then one morning I woke up and felt like a bus had hit me!! I legged it to the bathroom to puke, I was shattered and my boobs were killing! Everything literally hit all at once! So just enjoy it while it lasts image haha the sickness eased by the time I was 16 weeks and by the time I was 20 weeks I felt amazing!! Well, until about 36/37 weeks when I was totally fed up and looking like a hippo image haha congratulations anyway Levi pink and enjoy your pregnancy image I cannot wait to go through it all again! Xx
  • Hey hun , the only symptoms I had this pregnancy were sore bbs when went in the shower n feeling full quickly ,until 7 weeks then felt awful almost from the moment I woke up til the moment I went to bed exhausted ,  with my others I had hardly any symptoms at all , you might be lucky like me the first few times n not get many symptoms I know what you mean about wanting reassurance though , I did a pt every day for the 1st few weeks try n take it easy , sure everything's fine x x 

  • Thanks girls. Feel much better about it all now!! The waiting can drive you near insane!! xxx

  • i too was on the "no symptoms" train till around eight or nine weeks i could count on one hand the amount of thing  I'd had and even then it was only when i poked my boobs they hurt etc I'm 10+4 today and symptoms are well and truly kickin butt lol , our little beans just like to keep us on our toes hunni an  that wont change once they arrive either lol xxxxx

  • ps, check you out in the PREGNANCY FORUMS!!  eeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!  image  image xxxxx

  • Ha ha ha thanks I know!! Feels strange!!! Xx

  • Levi!!!!!

    Omg!!!! I turn my back for a minute and you go and get your bfp!!! image

    I am so happy for you!!!!

    As for symptoms I didn't have any until around 7-8 weeks. With or without symptoms is totally normal though I know that's not so much help.image

    You will know when and if that morning sickness kicks in and then wish it gone and just as quickly wish for it back when it goes...just in case.

    Try to relax as much as possible and forget about symptoms. You've had such a journey to get here that you now need to enjoy it rather than let the fear ruin it.

    Enjoy every single twinge, craving and annoying bodily symptom.

    Best wishes to you xxxx
  • Thank you tulip!! Hope you and well and doing good? Xx

  • yippee! image glad to see ya here.

    i had no symptoms till bout 6 weeks then sickness kicked my ars* lol

    awful lol, but all worth it! x
  • Omg Levi I remember U from when I was ttc before my mmc - CONGRATULATIONS Hun!!! Xxxx

  • Like the others have said,  symptoms can be non existent till 6-7 weeks and even then they can come and go. It's so hard but we're all in the same boat. I had horrendous sickness bug over the wekend and now it's gone I feel that all my symptoms have gone and I'm texting CsMummy every other day complaining about symptoms disappearing. I think I still have ms it's just not like the bug I had at the weekend (thank god) but it drives me mad. I wish I could scan every week lol x

  • you've well and truly earned your place hunni and I'm over the moon you're finally here. in another couple of weeks when you can't keep your head out of the loo and your boobs hurt if someone so much as LOOKS  at them although you'll be glad to be feeling something you will be just as glad when it passes! that's exactly how I've always been lol so can't wait till your scan hun xxxx

  • I have no symptoms either Levi, I'm 5+3. I'm feeling a little queazy today and have a funny taste in my mouth but I'm not sure how much I'm imagining it because I want to feel it, iykwim?!

    It sounds like you've had a rough ride to get here - me too. Its making me second guess everything and every statistic on mmc and blighted ovums and so on I'm just sure is going to be me. I know so many people are rooting for me too (IVF tends to become common knowledge) that it makes it harder. 

    Have you joined the Due in Nov group? Our due dates must be close together! x


  • My failed IVF was in November too... we must be on a similar schedule! I just keep saying to myself, "today I am pregnant!"


    Congrats! x

  • Thanks ladies!

    Lou i remember you too! how are you? xx

    Csmummy yes i have joined it image sorry to hear you have had a rough ride too, hopefully our year eh - congrats to you!! xx

  • how are you doing lovely levi? i hope all is well with you hun. xxxxx

  • Hey keepthefaith. Woe what a night of cramping. Kept me awake. All evening and all night. That's a lot of stretching!! otherwise I am ok thanks. How are you sweetie? Xxx

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