So I have to document this...! I am now halfway with our little one and we can feel the baby kicking really hard inside. On Saturday we went out and I did a lot of walking around all day. I had felt kicks and nudges etc for about a week or so. When we got home I was watching tv and had this almighty kick which made me jump! Hubby felt it too when he put my hand on my tummy! It is such an amazing feeling, albeit slightly wierd feeling too!I can now feel when I think the baby is sleeping/awake and it tends to sleep when I am up and about and be awake when I am still and sitting/laying.Right now I can feel kicks low down but often feel them right next to my belly button too.

I woke up on Saturday morning with a bump too after having muscle pain earlier in the week. My tummy seems to have got firmer and more like a definite bump! We have our 20 week scan tomorrow and I am so excited to see the bay again. This should be our last scan until the baby is born unless we need further checks. I am hoping that we don't need any which will in some ways then be sad as we wont see the baby till it arrives but also good in that it means all is ok.

BUMP pic attached!!!image




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