Odd symptoms?

The last few days I have had a pain in my right kidney area (like when youve had waaaay to much to drink the night before) No burning or excessive peeing. All I can think is on Sat and Sun I didnt drink enough and have also started to take calcium and vitamin d tablets on maybe Thursday... Any ideas?

Plus, just been to the loo (TMI ALERT) and opened my bowels which was difficult and when I wiped after a wee, I had that much discharge on the tissue, it looked like snot. 

Any ideas?


  • Pretty sure all normal! As long as discharge doesn't smell then it's normal. Yuk but normal lol I feel like however much I wash down there il never be clean
  • Thanks Puddy image

    I went to the Dr and he suspects an UTI so I have to drop a sample in.

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