Is my girlfriend pregnant?

My girlfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for a few months. And we're kind of sure we had sex near ovulation. She is on the pill and she is 23. She had her period this week and she took a pregnancy test and it was negative. The past 4 days she has had hot flashes about 2 times a day and it last about 3-4 minutes. Normally she is very cold natured. She has never had hot flashes before so we believe something is up. She is also feeling dizzy every now and then. And when I touch her stomach it will occasionally be very warm. Is a very warm belly an early sign of pregnancy? Today her nipples are a little bit sore. I think her sense of sight is stronger too. She put up some onions today and she almost got really sick to her stomach. I could tell by her facial expressions. The left side of her lower back has recently been really sore in one spot and when I touched the spot she rated the pain a 7. She hasn't had morning sickness yet but we believe it's about to occur. We believe she is pregnant. Do all of these symptoms point that she is pregnant? Has anyone experienced hot flashes in early pregnancy? I'm wondering if she could possible be pregnant? Did she take a pregnancy test to soon? Any personal experiences and help would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Hi

    With you saying you have been having unprotected sex and then after you have put she is on the pill then its not unprotected unless she hasnt been taking the pill everyday leading upto the mini break??

    If she had her period this week and she is on the pill then my opnion she is not pregnant as well as having the negative test. Are you both trying for a baby? If so she needs to come of the pill completely and let her Doctor know.

    Im nearly 32 weeks pregnant and ive never had or never known of a warm belly to indicate someone being pregnant but the other symptoms you have put women do get.

    She could take another test later on in week but my opinion i think shes ok
  • hi andrew

    Agree with haleigh if she is on the pill then its not unprotected sex, aslo if she has had her period this week then she is not pregnant if you got a negative test, if your trying for a baby she needs to stop the pill.

    some of the symptoms you talk about are the same sort of thing i had at the early pregnancy stage.

    If she has not been taking the pill the last few weeks then it would be worth test again in a few days or go to the doctors and ask them to take bloods, you will get a better answer that way. 


  • Well its kind of unprotected as its unprotected against STD's lol so half protectedimage

    Well I dnt think u can say without a test. If the pains continue go see gp and defo take another test. Its just with my ectopic I had a negative tests for about a month and had v light bleeding instead of a period.

    Dont worry about that tho cos its not that likely, just keep an eye out.
  • Infact I think she might be better going to see the gp. X
  • Thanks for the responses. 

    Here's an update: 

    She said that she has white discharge twice, a little morning sickness without vomiting, looking at food sometimes makes her feel sick, worst cramps than her period, hot and cold flashes, boobs are more sore, more ache, hair shinier and thicker, more lower back pain. She also said she feels more moodiness. She also used to love oatmeal and the last few days she can't eat it. I extremely dislike oatmeal. 

    We are also are thinking now that it was spotting that she had and not her period. The spotting went from brown to light red (maybe pink) then back to brown maybe for a day or two. She isn't really sure. She thought it was her period. 

    The doctor said it could hormones in balance. 

    She took 5 tests through the week and all negative. One at the doctors office was negative. 

    They did a blood test. 

    If it comes back negative what could be going on in her body? 

    If it not pregnancy what could it be? 

    Any advice or experiences? 

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