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Ok so I've spent my morning lying down as my back hurts and when I got up for a wee I found blood on my pad! Called hospital and have just been told to take it easy monitor it and call back if worsened or any more pain. I'm 31+3 and have to say a little panicked


  • OMG u try n rest up hun n keep us posted, keeping fx for u xx

  • Ive had some bleeding past two days. Only a couple drops. Im 32 weeks on Friday.

    Had to see the midwife yesterday regarding this as my bloods negative and need the anti d injection. She had a feel of my belly and said its nothing to worry about. If it was something serious when she pressed down i would have been in pain as they look for placenta eruption i think its called. When the placenta attaches its self. She said baby is well down into birthing position already and to take it easy.

    Just keep a eye on the blood hun. If it becomes worse i would go to the Hospital x
  • Thanks hun! I'm lying on bed at the moment trying not to over analyse every twinge and trying to keep calm my oh is looking terrified lol he's going to take youngest to school so I can stay by phone as the hospital told me to I kinda wished they wanted me in to check me over guess il just have to wait and see it's scary though
  • Also when i went in for my routine 28 week injection she said they give this because a lot of women in the next upcoming weeks can have a small bleed which i guess is true from what ive had and you have also had it
  • Just realised I'm 30+3 not 31 doh! Ive never needed antid the mw I spoke to said it's probaly a hormone thing but who knows
  • Hope you're ok hun , bleeding at any point is worrying but not always serious , looking through my notes the other day n I had a small bleed at 25 weeks ( I photocopied my notes - nice to have some comparison , they whip all the antenatal notes out when you go in to deliver don't they ) just took it easy for a couple days n all was fine , glad oh can take care of little ones , take care n please keep us posted x x 

  • Am now stuck in hospital on a drip! My cervix was thinning when they checked it so drugs to stop uterus playing up and I've had steroids. My scubu is shut so looks like il be having a ambulance ride to win knows where
  • Ahhh no hun :/

    Hope u and baby r ok! Keep us updated x
  • Good luck hun keep thinking positive hope all is well x

  • hi puddy, omg hun. how scary for you !!  i pray everything will be ok with you both hun. I'll be thinking of you hun. i had a complete placental abruption with my second daughter and we are both here and fine, it was the most frightening thing I've ever been through but we are fine and you're in the best possible place so they can look after you hun, whatever is causing your problems i hope it can be stopped. xxxxxx

  • hunni, if you're scared and you have every right to be bleeding, then you TELL them you're going down. it's not worth the risk hunni, always get checked out. i kept getting fobbed off while have my abruption and could have paid for it with my life and my dd's, never let them fob you off when you are truly frightened and sure something's wrong. always ALWAYS follow your instincts xxx sorry I'd just read over the posts again and saw how worried u were and getting fobbed off and it cheesed me off lol xxxxx

  • Hope you're ok , glad you got it checked out , let us know how you're getting on when you are able , be thinking of you , keeping fingers crossed all will be well x x 

  • Still at my hospital still on the drip it does seem to be working which is brilliant I know I'm in the best place but I'm wishing I could go home!I want my children and my man and my bed
  • aww puddy it's poo being stuck in hospital hun, especially when you have other children too, i hope you are  home soon and all is ok with you both hun xxxxx

  • Thinking of u chick x

  • Hey lovely , thinking of you , hope everything has settled down n you're ok x x 

  • thinking of you puddy. xxxx

  • How are you Puddy? xx

  • been thinking of you puddy and I hope you're ok hun. xxxxxx

  • My posts keep not showing up grr!! ... Hope you're ok hun?? xx
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