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Rubbish day

Hey girls just wondering if its normal to be feeling sick the whole day i havent had a break from it its just constant i had a driving lesson this morning had to stop half way through it because i felt my eyes were going funny so i went for a couple of hours sleep after it but woke up around half 2 and i still feel sick anything i can use or eat to take it away xx


  • Ok this moth sound crazy but ginger nut biscuits honestly they are amazing for sickness! Xx
  • Unless yr like me lowey2 where nothing settles the nausea lol. Thank goodness mine is away most of the time nowimage
  • I feel sick all day long some days then absolutely fine the next day. before my dating scan I hadn't felt any symptoms for a week which really scared me. but its back now todays not going to be a good day sickness wise I feel awful since getting out of bed and nothing settles it, just have to hope for a better day tomorrow. 

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