When did I get pregnant

Quick and simple I went for my US on the 13th feb 2014 it dated me 9 days ahead at 13+1 where I thought I was 11+6, changing my due date from the 29th Aug 2014 to the 20th Aug 2014.

Last period was the 22nd of Nov 2013 give or take a few days, lasting 5 days, normal symptoms. My period before was definitely the 20th Oct for 5 days, also normal symtoms. The only difference in these two periods is that I started the pill just after the Nov period, but forgot it for around 5 days in a row after taking the first pill.

Any ideas on this would be great, as I am very confused. As it seems I must have ovulated early in my cycle or perhaps forgetting of the pill caused an egg to be released sooner,


(Notable sex was had the last day of my period in Oct which was the 26th and the day after being the 26th, then 3rd 10th and 17th of November, then my period and sex then on the 28th and 30th and more than likely in between these dates more in Nov. As far as I can work out I would have been fertile around the 8th, then having sex just after and before, but that would make me 2-3 weeks further ahead in my pregnancy.)


  • Get a calendar and count back the scan days of 13+1 and then add about 14days. That should give you the date of ovulation assuming u had a regular 28 day cycle. The sex which most likely may have conceived yr baby would be the times in the five days up to and including ovulation day.

    You have two problems that october cycle is 33 days not 28. If most of yr cycles are 33 u probably ovulated on day 19... so add 19.

    If u conceived in november that pill may have knocked out yr cycle so when u ovulated is guess work.

    Maybe try a conception calculator. .. some due date calculators work in reverse and give you that option. Then u would use that date to base which episodes of sex u conceived with. Good luck. I bet I confused you more with my longwinded disorganised explanation. Sorry
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