ladies that are pregnant with twins who tested early, I have a question for you

I got a strong positive frer at 10dpo, at 11dpo both tests I took were kind of faint but then today when I took my last first response it went back to being dark positive. Here is a picture so you can see


 top test was 10dpo bottom test is 12dpo(today)

My question is, I know its possible that fraternal twins can implant at different times but I stopped charting after I got my positive test so I dont know where my temp is at atm. Do you think yesterday could possibly of been another egg implanting and thats why I got faint tests? I know its not likely but if it wasn't that why else would they of been faint? it really freaked me out and I thought I was having a chemical pregnancy until my test today came back dark.

So what do you think? any responses and advice is welcome. Thanksimage


  • I have a theory which might be just as logical. Do u think u drank more the night before yr tests when they were lighter. Urine less concentrated?

    Then again u got such a strong bfp at day 10 so maybe twins are an option lol. With me at 10dpo it was only my camera on my phone picking up the line. You couldnt see it with the naked eye so I took it as a negative until I twsted again two days later lol. Xx
  • No there's no way my urine was diluted, I took the first one with fmu then the second one I took later in the evening and I limited my fluid intake all day starting from the day before so thats why I was confused.

     I am a twin and twins run in my family so its definitely possible but I wasn't sure if another egg implanting would cause a faint positive.

    Thank for your reply thoughimage twins would be a great blessing

  • Ahhh well... maybe fainter because you were a little dehydrated? I read that in early pregnancy people blaming there blood hcg not rising (after ivf) as fast as normal and the doubling properly once their fluid intake was adequate. There were instances where they had been concerned and realised that thwy hadnt drank much being unwell and things... im probs talking out my behind lol or repeating people talking out their behinds.

    I would not like to have twins bug that's down to having two already and wouldnt know how to cope. People been winding me up because 'Im only 11 weeks and my bumps growing and been their for weeks now. Before I was teased so much I wouldn't have dreaded the idea as much lol

    I think its probably possible for twins to implant at different times. Xx
  • hi ya!

    Im having twins, i would say its always possible if your a twin and twins in family regardless of test etc. . i see what you mean. . mine are fraternal through ivf. . Im convinced one implanted one day and the other the following day i kinda felt it on each side with pains. . i suspected twins and plus i had two put back in.

    one has always been like a day ahead too.

    the only way to know as you know is a scan. . if you can wait till 12 weeks or maybe private one if your very keen to know:-P

    good luck! i shall be keeping my eyes out for your update! x
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