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Movements (TMI)

I was suffering from quite bad kidney pains last weekend and saw my GP on Monday. He has taken a urine sample and sent it off in case of a UTI but said it may be because I am not going to the loo as often as pre pregnancy and prescribed me lactulose.

He said it wont effect the baby as it isnt absorbed into the system and that I can pretty much self medicate - take more or less depending on the effect it has. I am currently taking 2 x 2 teaspoons a day and it seems to have had "some" effect. Pre pregnancy I would go daily  and that changed to maybe once every 3 days. Now I seem to be going once every 2 days but with some effort on my part and I have turned into a wind machine too! I am loathe to up my dose as I don't want the "other" problem either.

Has anyone had a similar experience? What did you do? Did it get better?


  • Hi huni

    I was given the same and yes the wind is horrid with that stuff, i was told to drink loads and loads of water with it other wise it causes bad wind and cramping!

    I stopped taking it, as i seem to be worse on it awaiting midwife appointment on sunday to ask what else i can try xx

  • Let me know if she gives you any alternative advice will you? I am drinking at least 3 pints of cordial a day plus my usual cups of tea so I dont think fluid intake is an issue and Im eating plenty of fruit and veg but like now, I feel as though I am just so "full" that I couldnt eat for a week.

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