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down syndrome tests

Hey just wondering if any of you lovely ladies were offered the down syndrome tests i had the blood tests taken today but im not sure about the test for the tummy sorry im not 100% sure what its called but i hope you no what im talking about i was told of the midwife at my booking appointment last week that there is a chance of a miscarriage has anyone went through with it and if so was everything ok afterwards im just a little paranoid i have agreed to it but i do have tje option to change my mind xx


  • Hi

    Have you aready had the screening test where they measure back of babies neck etc? As i had this and received a letter in the post regarding if chances are at low or high risk?

    Mine came back low and wouldnt need any further tests but if they came back high me personally wouldnt go through with the second test. Ive got a pregnancy book where it talks about that test and just looking at the pictures of what they did just made me decide strait away. Also my midwife said it can make people change their mind with going ahead with the pregnancy if they got results back they wasnt hoping for. I would carry on with the pregnancy with not knowing and what ever happened would be meant to be.

    Obviously thats my own opnion though. Ive read many stories on women going through with the test because of low results and everything has turned out fine and also didnt loose the baby.

    Have you spoken to your partner about this?x
  • Because of high chance results i meant to say
  • Yeah wee have been talking about it since last week since i had my first midwife appointment! Yeah they did the scan today and checked and also had blood taken too ive said from the beginning that i dont want it done because to be honest im not wanting to risk it but i did say yes to it today but also have the option to say no to it. Im still saying no though im just hoping everything will be ok this is my second baby first baby in 2006 so a wee bit of an age gap lol but cant remember then having been offered this :/ xx
  • i was at my booking appointment with the midwife yesterday and was asked if i wanted the injection to take a sample of the amneotic fluid from my womb i declined to have that dne as personally it wont change anything for me , i am still getting the extra detailed  scan at 20 weeks and a few extra bloods xx

  • I had our downs screen and we came back with a low risk (1 in 100,000) so fortunately we never had to think beyond that. It's a personal decision to make as the risk factor is just that -a test to tell you a risk of something and is not a definitive answer. Your factor is a calculation based on neck measurement, your age and your blood result.

    Take it each step at a time and decide when you get ur results. Mine were so low risk there wasnt any discussion regarding chronic villus or amniocentesis, however, if it had been high risk (they suggest anything between 0 to 1 in 150 as high risk) we would have had perhaps a different view. My SIL had high risk factors with both pregnancies and wouldn't consider further tests and both of her children were fine, another friend had high risk results and had the amniocentesis as reassurance and her daughter was fine and born fine too.

    I understand why we are offered the tests, however, I think it would be better if a more accurate yes or no test was developed rather than a risk factor. The only way right now you can be certain is by invasive procedures which are a tough decision to make.

    Like I say take it step by step and see what your results are x

  • i agree with everything mrw2012 said lol just all of it image hope it's all ok for you and your bub hun no matter what you decide to do image hope you have a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy xxxxx

  • Hiya,

    I had the bloods and nuchal fold measured (3.7) and was given a ratio of 1:18 for my baby having down's syndrome. Before I received the ratio i was adamant that i wouldnt have the CVS test as I didnt want to risk losing my baby. The risk of miscarriage is 1:100. In comparison, my baby had more chance of having downs than dying as a result of the test, if that makes sense... once i received the ratio i decided to go ahead with the CVS because I have a son already and needed to be prepared if this baby did have anything wrong with him (there are other syndromes not just down's)- i would never have terminated the pregnancy- just needed to know in advance so that i could prepare myself before the birth.

    The CVS isnt a nice procedure, for me it hurt like hell- they had to do it twice because they fudged up first time round. That was back in december and i dont regret doing it. There are other ladies out there who have had the same procedure or amniocentesis and didnt think it was that bad- i guess i was unlucky with how much it hurt me lol

    It is a very personal decision but for me, it was worth knowing 100% that my little man didn't have anything wrong with him instead of worrying for the rest of my pregnancy lol xx

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