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bleeding update

Hi girls thanks for all your thoughts I got out of hospital today the drip worked so fingers crossed seren will stay put for a few more weeks! image I've been told if it happens again they will just let nature take its course and not stop it. Also been told it doesn't really matter what I do or don't do if she's going to arrive early she will. At least I've had the steroids so hopefully her lungs are good and strong.


  • That's good news. Fingers (or legs!) crossed! image

  • Thinking of u hun looks like she's keen to make her big entrance image x

  • brilliant news you're out of hospital hun  I'm so pleased for you that the drip worked too!!  image the steroids work wonders and my nephew was delivered 8 and a 1/2 weeks early and only spent three dqys in special care as a precaution due to him only being four pounds all thanks to the steroids helping his little lungs. i hope baby seren (love the welsh name image  ) stays put for a while longer xxxx

  • Hi hun , glad to hear the drip worked n she's in there for a while longer at least , bet it's good to be home , take it easy n put your feet up when you can x x 

  • cheers ladies.

    ive decided that as she is girl number 4 she was looking for a way to make her self known from the start lol. i was a tiny bit crampy last night but that settled. i really hope she stays put for a few more weeks for her sake and the sake of the other 3 they found it really hard goinhg as they are all mummys girls and i think im going to have to help my eldest forgive seren a bit i know that might sound odd but she got really upset and told my oh she didnt care about seren she just wanted me home. we are popping to kiddiecare today to collect last few bits and ive asked them if they wanted to choose something each for seren in hope that it starts to mend the bridge

  • Bless her. My dd hated me being away for 3 days, he said there were lots of tears, but as soon as she saw lex the love and amazement at her little baby sister was apparent. She still talks about how she missed me and was sad but it's not done their bond any harm whatsoever xx

  • Well the eldest is still emotional wreck so I'm giving lots of cuddles and trying to give her as much honest information as I can 10 is such a between age. I'm taking it easy as I'm not sleeping well every twinge is making me paranoid I keep checking my pad and I'm constantly worried. Little bugger lol
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