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Any guesses on Gender? Help!


 So this was our little peanut this morning, I'm 14 weeks 4 days, and this is a front view of body, legs and bits. The tech said she couldn't rule out boy but really couldn't see any boy parts. It was a really bad ultrasound machine! So can any of you see it? Any thoughts? We were dying to find out and not knowing for sure is killing us! Help! 


  • I cnt make out the pic very well at all. Sorry xx
  • Haha, I know, terrible picture! I think I can only make it out because I could see the little  legs kicking away on the screen when they took it! 

  • The baby is actually laying straight up and down, with body on top and legs underneath, its right leg stretched out and it's left bent at the knee. Bits in between....I think I will have to wait for gender scan to be sure, but all I wanna do is go shop! 

  • I eventually worked out the layout after seeing his wee toes. I was studying yr pic for nearly five minsafter I posted earlier ... oooo I said his, Im gnna guess boy. Probs be wrong but I have a 1 in 2 chance of being right. I like those odds.

    I thought for a tiny moment I thought I saw testicles but then I thought ovaries? Then I kinda realised there were lots of circular grainy bits everywhere in the pic lol.

    Have u noticed how the adbomen looks like someone has drawn a funny face on it?
  • Oh my gosh, that's funny!  hadn't seen that! image

  • You are so sweet for looking again! I'm going crazy so should stop staring now! Lol

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