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Mucus plug

I know this has probably been written millions of times before but i wondered if any of you could offer some advive?

TMI !!!! On Wednesday i went to the toilet and i had a gloop of green snot when i wiped. I had been nesting for most the day. Ive had no real urges yet to do any nesting but all day i was cleaning everything in sight.

The next day i had a little bit more.

Is this the mucus plug?It had no blood in it.

With my first i was induced at 41 weeks and i never remember seeing a plug.



  • Sounds like it's starting to come away in bits, with my first I had a few globs and then at lunchtime a massive one with blood in. I had her that night x

  • Oh really?

    So will i probably get bloody show?

  • I don't think everyone does but mine was and was massive! Like mansize tissue size massive lol x

  • I didnt loose mine until the following day after my waters went. Was just a snotty stringy blob and then because i was wearing a pad already caus of my waters going i started getting a light pinky show x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.

    Sounds like it is coming away slowly then.I wish something would happen. Im being induced on my due date if it doesnt start earlier so at every sign im like 'thankgod im starting naturally' !!

    It wont happen now will it haha.

  • You never no you could

    Siennas my first and when i was pregnant i had just about everyone saying i will be over due because with your first you normally always are. Yet me and boyfriend had a feeling i would be early and then bang on 38 weeks my waters went lol x
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