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Positive digital test negative ept and hpt

Has anyone had this? I've never been pregnant before I'm 11 days late have tiredness, headaches, nausea started when I drank out with friends which resulted in me being violently sick all day but no real nausea or breast aches. A dull warm throb in my womb area is there like my period will come any day but it hasn't. I finally did a test yesterday digital clear blue and it said pregnant 1-2 weeks. The next tests I did further on in the day were all negative. I did another digital this morning - negative. I've just done an ept - negative. I've taken a sample to the docs but it will be Monday before I know! It's driving me mad! Doc says I have all the usual symptoms. I've even researched tumours and cysts to see if it could be that but I haven't had a period since June and I'm always bang on time. Can anyone offer any advice?
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