♥ Implantation Bleeding Experiences ♥

I want to know all about YOU! image

This post is for you pregnant mummies out there (LUCKY YOU'S!) to tell me all about your 


- How long did it last?

- What did it look like?

- How heavy was it?

-How long before you got that positive result?

The reason I want to be nosey & find out is because I have no idea if I'm pregnant or not image

But I really want to hear your stories & find out ♥

So Comment below & let me hear ALL your symptoms & early pregnancy tales! ♥♥♥

Happy M. xx



  • Hi my love...just found out yesterday i'm pregnant!! Woohooo

    I think I had implantation bleed last wed or Thurs eve after me & oh DTD maybe about hr after? Just went loo & when I wiped I noticed it was pinky!? Felt bit crampy too so guessing it was implantation. Think I was 7dpo  

  • Hi Peaches! Thanks so much for commenting ♥image♥ OMIGOD CONGRATS! I am sooo jelly haha

    I normally tend to bleed after sex anyway so for me it would be really hard to distinguish if its IB'ing or just normally post sex bleed haha 

    I don't track when Im ovulating as I am just off the pill so things are all crazy atm. Maybe the reason behind MY bleeding :')

    However, My experience of this is very much similar to you! 

    How many days did you bleed for? And how many days since the first bleed was it before you got a positive result? 

    xxxxx Thank you! xxxxx

    Happy M.

  • I never bleed after sex plus it wasn't rough sex lol! So that's why I think it was implantation... Only bled that time hun...they say implantation only happens for 1 day & normally between 6-10dpo. Mine was at 7dpo (cd20) & got bfp today so it's been about 6 days past implantation bleed. I did test yesterday & thought I could see a line but wasn't clear enough so did one this morn & def line!! 

    When was your last period chick? We've been TTC for 4months...had coil taken out in June so it can take a while...can u test soon? Xx

  • Ah I see! :) I think it varies from woman to woman as in how long implantation bleeding can last. I've seen that it can last between normally 1-5 days & read various articles. I think It purely depends on the person ♥

    Ah it is probably best for me to test again next Wednesday perhaps? 

    My last period was Oct 3rd - I missed one completely in November & my periods are very much regular :) 

    I'm not 100% sure I am pregnant & won't be getting my hopes up... I just have that niggling feeling & I really just want an accurate result like a yes or a no. I wont be satisfied either way until I get my period or a positive :) 

    All I know for certain that with implantation bleeding is really does vary from woman to woman. It can be heavy with some women and it can also be scanty and last on average for a week... usually a week or so before your due period. 

    For me I'll just need to be patient & see :) xxx

  • Hi all I am 7 weeks pregnant and I havehad 7 miscarriages and I have started having a brown discharge 2 days ago with mild Cramp pains and today it has gone slightly red in Colorado and I have a bad cramp pain that lasted about 5 mins has anyone else experienced this as my midwife told me it might be implantation bleeding I am really worried but trying to stay carm. Has anyone else been through simular as I am really scared and I am having an early scan done on Monday if anyone could give me advice I would really appreciate it thank you xx

  • I was at work when I had implantation with my 2nd (had nothing with 1st) it was like a few blobs of pinkish jellyish like cm at about 8/9dpo. I then bled on and off till about 10 weeks, sometimes watery sometimes thicker, sometimes brown sometimes pink and red. They never found out why or what it was x

  • Hey Doubledee!

    image Calm down lovely & try not get yourself worked up as worry will do no good for you or the baby. Just try and calm xxx

    It sounds like your having implantation bleeding and cramps. The bleeding can last up to 5 days and cramping down there is very normal and actually common in early pregnancy. Its just your baby implanting further into your womb lining which can cause pain and also a little bit of blood. You'll be stretching a lot down there too but if the pain gets severe of course get your self to a hospital as soon as you can!

    I wouldn't worry your self too much lovely. I am so sorry you've MC in the past but try and relax and not do any hard work that is taking a toll on your body and also your mind - don't stress your self. Use this time to just sit up and relax my lovely. 

    Your midwife will take good care of you and they will be doing an early scan as a precaution which in a way should comfort you as they are doing this to make sure you are safe. I'm willing to bet you're just getting implantation bleeding and your little baby is just fine in there :) 

    I wish you all the best of luck and keep us up-to-date! xx

    Happy M xx

  • Well I've had implantation bleeding twice (i think). The first time is was very light, brownish and only when I wiped a couple times. This is how af usually starts for me so I assumed it was an early af. This happened at about 9-10 dpo.   It happened when I wiped only one day and one for a couple hours.   When af didn't come out on full force I tested and it was positive.   Sadly I miscarried that pregnancy. 

    The second time (this is where the "i think" part comes in) I had implantation bleeding was at about 7 dpo and was bright red and much heavier than the time before.   The reason I'm not sure this was implantation bleeding is because it was after some pretty rough sex (blushing). It lasted only about 20-30min, but resulted in my sweet little baby girl :)

  • Is there anybody online able to chat a little about implantation bleeding and their experience I'm overwhelmed with worries right now!!!!!!! Please help...

  • Hi TLady, I hope everything is ok with you. How is your bleeding today? 

  • Im still bleeding today I'm a little confused

  • Could I be experiencing the same thing I ovulated on the sixth of this month, my last pms was on Nov 22-24.. so I'm not due for a cycle till the 22 n. I started slight bleeding Saturday n then Sunday I was seeing like stringy red blood in the toilet..I've never experienced implantation bleeding I don't think because I was young with my other kids n never paid it any attention. I'm a little nervous

  • Hi Tlady, you could be. Just try not to worry and see how the bleeding is over the next few days. I have my fingers crossed for you. x

  • Hi Girls need some Advice so confused right now it's driving me crazy... My menstrual cycle is 29 days I was due on Thursday 16th of July it's been 5 days with no Period Monday the 20th I got this pink discharge when I wiped myself I thought I must be coming on my period, later it then changed to brown when I wiped now it's red and there's a little more of it but I'm only seeing this when I wipe it's not flowing like my usual period would..? I'm confused as to is it implantation bleeding or a normal period? I'm never late always on time im going to see how many days I'm like this if it's gone by Wednesday will speak to my doctor Thursday about the whole situation taken three pregnancy tests and all came back negative... It's driving me crazy... X

  • Hi everyone 


    I have a question I think I had IB and cramps for like 20 minutes , idk though husband and I are trying and my first pregnancy I had that little pink stuff one wipe and gone. And I don't know if I'm thinking to much but I went pee and had little dot of pink we had sex tmi like everyday during ov I believe that's what I'm calendar said. But we really what to be pregnant. Any who can that have been IB light pink and now nothing just creamy white stuff sorry tmi. My period comes 26 

  • Not long til you can test,two days after my IB I got my faint positive image 

    You can try tomorrow morning/afternoon and should get a faint line if that pink Spotting was your IB 

    Good luck and let us know x

  • Hi happy m thankyou for your reply but unfornetly I had another miscarriage and I have to be sterilised now so me and my partner are looking into adopting a child that needs a loving home but thankyou for your kind reply and good luck to everyone else thank you all xxxx

  • Hello there, this is my first time on a forum. After TTC for over two years and a false hope previous, i symptom watch a lot. This month i feel more confident, happy and calm in the week before my period is due, normally i'm really moody and emotional. I typically have a 28 cycle, last month however i was 8 days late with the worst period ever! :-( This month on cycle day 21 i had a weird electric style pinch in my left groin - it made me say ouch out loud. Then day 21,22,23 had lots of white cm. This morning i was just thinking crikey i need a liner in, when i went the toilet i wiped some soft pink coloured cm and all day been having buring sensations in my pelvic region. Also strange feelings in my vagina too? Has anyone had any simalar experiances? Could this be implantation? 

  • *burning feeling* I also forgot to say i have both pcos and endometriosis :-(

  • Hello all!! image

    I am back!!

    I took a little break from babies and what not as I knew my self I really had to get my periods under control. I came off the Logynon contraceptive pill in July 2014 and my periods have only just became normal and regular! I must admit I love my natural period! I bleed for 3 days and have 2 days of sore cramps, mood swings, head aches but still 3 days of normal- heavy bleeding is fantastic rather than 5 days of heaviness on the pill.

    I've recently gotten more clued up on all things pregnancy related thanks to my trusty friend google! So I can tell you what I have learnt from google about IMPLANTATION BLEEDING.

    Implantation bleeding tends to happen around the 4 week mark of pregnancy. Baring in mind you count pregnancy from the first day of your last period. So whenever you first started bleeding right up to the present day is how many weeks you'd theoretically be pregnant ( that is unless you've had  a BFP and you know for sure you're pregnant). 

    Implantation bleeding tends to (annoyingly) happen a couple days before your expected period which is super annoying because you can't really tell if its your period or Implantation bleeding. Most people know because its very light, very 'scanty' as is there's really not much there when you wipe, just a little hint of blood on the toilet paper. Some girls have had pinkish stuff come away when wiping, others have had very dark brown discharge whilst others have reported bright red but very light & went away after a couple of days. However in RARE instances girlies have had super heavy bleeding and some can have light bleeding for 5 days.

    Really pregnancy is SO difficult at the start because you could literally mistake it for your period or likewise mistake pregnancy when it is nothing but a period. It really flipping sucks! image

    Best thing to know is that if your implantation bleeding gets heavier after a few days and is always bright red and containing the little dark 'flubber' bits of internal lining then its safe to assume its your normal boring period.

    I thought I was pregnant this month and yet again Mrs Flo came by again. I had every symptom from stuffy nose (which turned out in the end to be a bad cold), Cramps mid cycle (Ovulation cramps - I cramped for 1 day for 15mins & it wasn't on one side it was just in my entire womb area), major sore headaches (PMS), cravings for peanut butter (PMS cravings!!), Metallic taste in mouth (PMS just my hormones going mental), Brown discharge that lasted a couple of days (My period was starting), Emotional & wanted to cry over nothing (PMS), Cleaning daft (Okay now I don't know why this was but I really went over board with tidying the house this month! :D)...

    Took a pregnancy test (clear blue double check) and got a BFN. This was 3 days before expected period but then my period showed up anyways so not pregnant :)

    I'd advise girls having sex between days 10-14 days after the first day of their last period as you'll be fertile & everyone (text book) says you ovulate on day 14. 

    Also on my travels I've heard to give your mans junk a little break as sex EVERY day can make his sperm slow haha give him time to build it back up :) Try every 2nd day and go all out :D just be careful too as some lubes kill sperm. 

    Hope this was another amusing and helpful little post :) enjoy and BABY DUST to all xxxxxxxxx 

    As always - PM me if you need a bit of advise, a chat or a cyber hug :) you'll get there one day I promise <3 good things come to those who wait so just hang in there xxxxxx

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