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Maybe pregnant again

hiya girls I've not been on here since I had my baby in October there. He's now 17 weeks now and I think I'm pregnant again I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning and it has 3 lines on it now idea what this means anyone had this before? I'll try and get a picture up if I can but the lines are really light xx 


  • Hi Shaz4606, sounds like it may be an iffy test, i've had a few dud ones before! I would suggest testing again, maybe with a different brand just to be sure. keep us posted! x

  • Hi huni OMG! OMG! OMG! Did you test????

    i had this fear last week but tested and was negative and with in an hour af showed up! Harry is 16 weeks on wednesday and had all these fears in my head, yes id like one more, i really would....

    we have decided now harry is 4 months to start ttc again as i know it will take me a little longer but no harm in trying image

    How would you feel if you was pregnant again? xxx

  • heyyy na not tested again I'm gonna wait till next week and do it again so I'll let yous no then.

    Sarah I am petrified if I was again I'm just not financially ready for another one yet. Don't get me wrong i do want another but wasn't wanting one the now lol its too soon image

    Anyway how have you been how's the little one coming on bet baby is getting big eh. Xxx 

  • Lol sounds like me! Harry is fab his changing loads image 

    Lennon has become a very protective big brother which is lovely to see xxx

    my afs have been all over the place since having Harry iv had 3 all ready which was a shock as with Lennon I didn't have one at all until he was around 12 weeks old xx

  • hi shaz

    hows things going? xxx

  • Hiya Sarah yeah I'm all good I Id taken the test an it came back negative :/ how's things wi yourself xxx 

  • hi girls. I am into micro pills for 3 months already. I will be in an out of the country vacation on april and afraid that my period will come on that week. So I decided not to take my pill for more than a week then started 8 days after my period (12days of my cycle). For 8 days, i took the pills consecutively (even while taking med for my allergy and headache), and on the 9th day, i had no choice but to stop since i forgot my pack at home and i was out of town for 3days. I am expecting that i will either be spotting or bleeding, however, 4 days had past and still no blood.

    Is there a chance that I am pregnant?

  • Have sent you a privet message shaz xxx

  • Let me know if u get it or not xx

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