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SOS! In need of help and advice

So this is my first post. I am 17 years old and found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago. I had my first appointment with my midwife last week where they only performed a normal check up and mad sure I was pregnant. I scheduled an appointment for my first ultrasound to be the following Tuesday (which is now tomorrow). My HUGE concern is that this morning when I woke up I had some brown discharge in my panties which my mom told me was normal and she had it too. So I decided to put on a panty liner. I was also experiencing mild cramping, not even to the extreme of a period. Later that day, about 3 hours later, I went to the bathroom and found my panty liner full of blood! I freaked out and called my mom. She immediately left work and we called the doctor. She said it was up to me whether or not we go to the hospital for an emergency ultrasound or just wait since my appointment was the next morning. I decided to go tonight. I had a sonogram done where they measured me at 5w2d and there was a sac there that looked completely normal, he explained to me that sometimes women bleed in the first trimester. He checked and said my cervix was still closed. On the way home from the hospital after a stop to eat (so about an hour and a half after we left) I was experiencing extreme cramps which he said I might because of the sonogram. We stopped at a drug store for Tylenol where I used the bathroom and my new panty liner was full of blood. As I was peeing I felt a lump fall out of me.....PLEASE tell me I did not miscarry. What are my other options?? I still have an appointment in the morning to find out for sure what's going on but I need some helpful news right now! It's killing me inside. I'm so upset


  • Hey hun didn't want to read and not leave a comment....its a difficult on this as you had an emergency scan and they didn't say much...bleeding can be normal through the first trimester and cramping...i had severe cramps when I was 5 weeks and then had an excruciating pain in my side where I rushed for an early scan they said it was fine....have you had amother scan? I hope everything is ok for you hun I really do!!! Xxx

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