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At different stage in life to my friends

Hi, I'm sure I'm not the only person feeling like this but it sure feels like it. I'm 34 and pregnant with my first baby. Most of my friends are single and not interested in babies. I was in hospital with dehydration due to HG and my friends are bored already. I don't talk about being pregnant and it so frustrating to not be excited when I am with them. Anyone else feeling lonely? 


  • Hi coco, don't worry lovely - as soon as that baby is born, you'll be doing mum groups, baby groups and you're very likely to meet lots of girls, just like you.

    Alternatively, why not think about joining an NCT group or local hospital antenatal classes - i made good friends via NCT and my best friend, who lives in a diff area made loads of friends via her antenatal group.

    Don't panic about your friends, just cause things are panning out a little diff, it's not the end of the world. Plus you have your baby to look forward to x

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