*** thursday 3rd tri ***

Hello day off and still up early. Nevermind x Keeping checking in to see if there is any update on OB x Gutted my kitchen last night now rhe rest of house lol.. 34 weeks today x baby out vibes to those that need x


  • Hi ABC. 34 weeks, creeping up now... :)

    Hope OB has baby news.

    I slept last night, less than I needed but with minimal disturbance and much less heartburn. Need to get up and out but dreading facing an icy house!

  • Hey counter...your head better today I hope. Nothing worse than leaving your cosy bed for an icy house x
  • Morning!! Yay for a day off abc gutting the kitchen sounds dramatic, are you getting a new one? Counter I'm glad you got reasonable sleep. Get some clothes on in bed before you get out! AFM sooooooo tired I was asleep in seconds last night. Not too bad a night except for several loo trips. Think baby is squishing my bladder at the moment. Off today so seeing a friend and her little ones this morning then food shopping later. Is anyone else finding their boobs are getting sore?? Mine have been really ach
  • Excellent! OB's BA posted. What a relief for her :)

  • Morning ladies

    ABC, yay to 34 weeks!

    Counter, hope your heating is sorted soon

    AR, nice day planned, enjoy. No achy boobs here

    Nice day yesterday, managed to sort through all Ms toys with my mum lifting each of the boxes to the sofa for me. Eveb managed to clear a box so baby can have some toy space. Had takeaway for tea too which was yummy. Woke during the night with M calling on me - went in and she told me her daddy hadn't been nice at bedtime because he didn't let her watch peppa, then rolled over and went back to sleep! Little bugger!

    Baby boy quiet this morning, so will keep an eye on that.

    Hi to all on later,baby out vibes to LD x

  • Happy 34 weeks ABC.

    Counter - Yey to sleeping even if only for a little bit. Hope you get the heating sorted tomorrow and it doesn't ruin you weekend away too much.

    AR - Enjoy visiting your friend. Glad you got some rest.

    Weekender - Thank you for the vibes :) well done on the toy clearance. Your little one sounds a cutie.

    Yet again nothing to report here. I didn't need to wee in the night so that's something I guess haha. Going for another long walk this mornig followed by lunch. If nothing else being overdue is sorting my exercise regime out.

    Hope everyone is ok. Fantastic news to see OB's BA and see a little picture. x

  • Morning ladies!

    The boy slept til 7.30 (he's often up at 6!) so I feel loads better this morning although I should have gone to sleep earlier. Got to battle him in some clothes and get breakfast so I'll come back to do personals. Got to to get through today and tomorrow then H back, yay!

    So pleased to see OB's BA.
  • LD, it didn't seem cute at 2am Laugh hope the walk gets things moving

    Isis, yay to lie in! Baby in vibes to you! X

  • Morning all

    Off to hospital for my appointment will be back on later hope your all ok x

  • Abc, enjoy your day off. Make sure you get some rest too.

    Counter, glad you got some sleep, definitely helps. Hope you're dressed and warm now lol

    AR, my boobs haven't ached (yet, I'm sure they will once she's born!) I've leaked colostrum for weeks though and could express a fair amount now if I wanted to. Is your bra well fitting and supportive?

    Weekender, it feels so good to have the toys organised doesn't it? I might tidy J's room today. He's into Lego now so it gets
  • Ran out of room!

    LD, hope the walk helps. I never had any sort of pre labour with my son and I hope I don't again, it sounds frustrating.

    Nlh, hope your appointment goes well.

    Yesterday was the worst drop off at school in ages and today my friend just text to say he was the first in, bloody typical! School disco tonight so I need to conserve some energy lol
  • Morning,

    ABC- 34 weeks :) are you nesting?

    Counter- Glad you slept better.

    AR- Enjoy your day off. Mine ached a bit yesterday actually but apart from that they are normally ok.

    Weekender- Productive day yesterday, well done Ha, that's funny, sleep talking always makes me laugh.

    Isis- Yay to H coming back without baby appearing.

    LD- Hopefully not long to go, a walk sounds lovely though.

    NLH- Hope hospital goes better today.

    AFM- Well I am soooo jealous of all your better sleeps! I had the worst sleep yet. Boss let me leave after 2 hours yesterday as the wind was so bad here and no point in us both being in without anything much to do. Off for a meal tnight for BIL birthday, I seem to always be eating out lol. Mil has booked meal for her nans 100th bday, obviously I want to go but its 2 weeks after my due date and I feel a bit overwhelemed thinking about going.

    Did anyone see my post yesterday about low platlets in pregnancy? has anyone else had it?

  • More bleeding argh! In at triage just now, waiting to be seen. Update later x

  • Oh no weekender, hope you get seen soon and all is well x

    Bertie, enjoy eating out whilst you have two hands to do it ;) I guess it depends how you feel, you could be 4 weeks post birth and feel fine. If it's booked I'm sure you can just pull out nearer the time if you don't feel up to it. I have no idea re platelets sorry.

  • Weekender - hope everything is ok. Sorry you are bleeding again. Let us know how you get on. x

    Isis - oh dear, enjoy the disco tonight.

    Bertie - id just see how you feel at the time, no one will expect you to go if the baby is brand new but then again you might be early and fancy a night out. I didn't see your post about low platelets. Did they test for it? Does it have an affect on clotting?

  • Weekender- Hope you're ok.

    Isis- that's what i was thinking, if its been afew weeks I will be fine.

  • LD- She would expect me to lol, I will just see when she comes. Will be a nice way to show her off to everyone anyways :)

    It was shown on my routine blood test, I go back next week for another one to see if they have dropped again. It does have an affect apparently, but shouldn't be an issue as they know about it.

  • Autumnrose i would love a new kitchen but just cleaning it out just now...it was resembling a garage with the amount of bike parts and tools stuffed above the cupboards x my boobs ache on and off lol

    weekender hope your ok please keep us updated x

    Little dude baby out vibes

    Isis baby in vibes glad you lo slept longer x how old is he?

    Bertie hows the weather now are you affected by flooding? X
  • I'm really behind this morning...have literally just woken up and still in bed! My alarm went off at 6.30 this morning and in just felt awful so decided to call in sick. It's only my second sick day since being pregnant and my third at this job (been here almost 4 years now) so I don't really feel too bad! Will get up in a minute and log on though to get some bits done as I feel much better after the sleep.

    Will catch up properly but just wanted to send vibes to weekender, hope all is ok. Let us know how it goes x

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