For those who have babies on nutramigen, how long did it take from starting to notice a difference? Was it an obvious change or more of a gradual process? What kind of changes did you notice?


  • As you know Henry isn't on that he's on neocate, but il answer from our experience. It wasn't straight away. I think it was 2 weeks till we noticed be wasn't screaming solid very night. Once he hit that 2 weeks he just got better and better. He would actually smile and enjoy being awake rather than screaming. His symptoms just disappeared. No meds or nothing. I was actually told by my paed that it can take up to 4 weeks for all traces of cows milk to leave their system so keep in mind.

    I know it's awful and a faff and you want results straight away but give it a chance. Also keep in mind nutramigen *is* made of cows milk, albeit extensively broken down, so if you see no improvement after a few weeks of stopping all cows milk there is another option (neocate) which has not cows milk in at all. We had to go down this route as Henry was on aptamil pepti (a similar milk to nutramigen) and it made no difference. It is so so expensive so they're reluctant to prescribe unless absolutist necessary, so go armed with this information if needed

  • Thanks Missus S. I'm in 2 minds as to whether its making any difference. The one thing we have noticed is that the really bad flatulance that seemed

    To have been disturbing her has gone, however the past couple of days she's been more like she was before and it's felt like the milk has agrivated her reflux not helped it. I know I'm being impatient and will just have to give a bit longer but I just want something to be working and if its not this then we're kind of back to square one again! Thanks again for your help x

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