Quick name poll please!

D day is a week away and we are still faffing over girls names.

So please vote....

Alice Isabella or

Isabella Alice?





  • Two totally different names! Only a call you can make i think x

  • Wait until she's here to decide :)

  • Both lovely names. Depends on your feelings about names being shortened.

    I think Alice would still be Alice.

    Isabella has quite a few different shortenings. Even if you didn't want it shortened it will get shortened by friends at school etc so if you don't like the idea of that then maybe better to have Alice.

    I think I like Isabella more than Alice, but I like Alice more than Izzy or Bella which there's a good chance she could become.

    I think Alice is less used as well if you prefer less common names.

  • I love both!! If I had to pick for myself I would say Alice. We had this problem with M, she was either going to be Mia Jasmine or Jasmine Mia.  I wanted Jasmine Mia but H got his own way with Mia Jasmine.  We didn't decide until a couple of hours after she was born whereas with our other 2 their names were picked out long before they were born!

  • I prefer Alice, not keen on the shortened versions of Isabella.

  • Jelly  Tot- The name shortenings are part of the problem. My H wants Isabella, but doesn't want it to be shortened at all. I prefer Alice but feel guilty that he's not getting his fave!

  • You could sway your H by saying that you may be able to get away without shortening her name for a few years but once she hits school it will definitely be shortened by her friends. Don't feel guilty, you're doing all the hard work!

  • I prefer Isabella personally but maybe wait until she arrives and see what you hink suits her?

  • I like Isabella too xx

  • I like Alice Isabella better, but just because I'm not keen on the first name ending with the same sound as the middle name begins.  

  • I love Isabella, it's P#s middle name but 1. there are LOADS of Isabella's around and 2. i don't like the shortenings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alice but sadly it sounds stupid with our surname sadly.

  • I prefer Alice Isabella. Alice was on our short list of girls names too.

    Isabella and all it's shortenings are very popular now which puts me off.

    Alice is very classic x
  • I love the name Alice (doesn't work with Alex though) so would go for that, but actually what I'd do is as BW suggests.

  • I'd wait until she is here.

    I have an Isabella who is 2 and her name still never gets shortened.  I have a Sophie Alice and her name already at 7 months gets shortened poor thing!!  

    So basically I am biased as we love both names.  Where we live there are more Alice's than Isabella's that I know of interestingly.

  • I think there is a little wave of Isabella's going to be born in the next year as you are the 5th person in the last fortnight I know whose mentioned Isabella as a first name choice for a girl!

    Based on that (and because it's a lovely name) I think I'd go for Alice Isabella instead x

  • Although I prefer the name Isabella (abd it was one of our contenders had O been a girl) I'd personally go for Alice Isabella....I just think it flows better (plus it Isabella WILL get shprtened once school arrives)

  • My Isabella will still be that at home! Also I thought once she got to nursery it might be shortened but it isn't.

  • I like Alice Isabella

  • I love Alice but doesn't go with our last name. Wait til she's here. You might find she suits neither x

  • I prefer Alice (slightly biased as it's my Heidi's middle name). Much less popular that Isabella/Isabelle/Isobel too.

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