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Morning everyone, 

Hope no minds me starting thread today! I figure I'm most likely to be round am as pregnancy makes me an early riser. Think I'm 7 weeks today although not entirely sure due to really weird periods before BFP so will see what midwife thinks at appointment tomorrow. Been feeling ok just really annoyed at waking up for toilet during night x I got a busy day today at work so hopefully will pass quickly:) x x 



  • Morning all

    Abc the getting up to pee thing is so annoying although I have improved from 3/4 times to once or twice in the last week or so.

    Mad couple of days with work so I'm glad to be off today. For those who haven't seen my post below I gave in to comfort yesterday and wore a tunic and leggings. However it very clearly showed a bump and I'm sure inwas being talked about, despite my efforts to cover up with a long cardi!! Ah well, hopefully no one will be brave enough to actually ask me between now and my scan! 13 days til scan but only 5 of those at work luckily. Today p and I are off to a friends for coffee, then toddler group and then this afternoon we are going to look at a pre school in the next village. P won't start going until next september but they already only have a couple of places left as it's quite small but really popular.

    Pregnancy wise still feeling the same and feeling sick gets much worse in the evenings so I usually can't manage dinner but trying to remember symptoms are good!! 11 weeks today!!

    Hope everyone is well.

  • Hey autumnrose saw your picture:) hopefully nobody has noticed x hope you have fun with P today x x

  • Morning ladies!

    ABC, the peeing is annoying isn't it and doesn't help the tiredness. Hope midwife goes well tomorrow.

    AR, sounds like a nice day off, have fun with P x

    All fine here, 13+5 today so nearly 2nd tri! Got loads done yesterday clearing out the garage but more to do today, feel like I'm getting somewhere though, I kept finding things that Id lost Laugh got my first pregnancy yoga class tonight, they are supposed to be from 14 weeks but figured two days early wouldnt hurt. Looking forward to it. Oh and I got mat stuff delivered from Next and ASOS yesterday and its all going back! It was either tent shaped or clinged in the wrong places.  Hopefully the New Look and Debenhams stuff that's still to arrive will be a better fit or I'm going to be stuffed!

    Hope everyone is doing well today and there's not too much sickness xx

  • Morning! I've been up since half 6 thinking about my scan today! I was out last night and didn't get home until midnight so I think I'll sleep well tonight.

    AR, that's definitely a bump! Hopefully work will have the sense not to mention anything until you do! Sounds like you and P have a lovely day planned.

    Weekend, almost tri 2 for you! Let us know how pregnancy yoga goes. I'm definitely going to try and do it and I've read that starting early is good as you get used to the positions and can then adapt them as you get bigger. Sorry the clothes didn't work out. I've been eyeing up loads from ASOS but in the past have found their quality not the best so I'll probably end up being disappointed.

    ABC hopefully your midwife can give you an idea of dates. I don't have a last period to work from so after 8 weeks if bit knowing I'm looking forward to actually knowing how pregnant I an (fingers crossed!)

  • Good luck today Flossy, let us know how it goes x

  • Morning everyone, only one day until its Friday!

    ABC - Hope your day goes quickly. Good luck for tomorrow x

    AR - hope you have a lovely day today x

    WE - sorry the clothes werent good :( good luck for your yoga class, I too want to do them so will be interested to hear how it went!

    Flossy - good luck for your scan. Be sure to upload a pic! :)

    No news from me, same old mild symptoms. Need to keep busy until my scan next Friday as this waiting is killing me! x

  • Mornign ladies,

    ABC, hope the day goes quickly but doesn't tire you out. I'm unsure of dates too for the same reasons so you have my sympathies

    AR, the bump is obvious but I hope people at work keep their mouths shut till after your scan. Have fun with P today and good luck with looking at pre-schools

    Weekender, enjoy pregnancy yoga it sounds good. I've just started Aquafit. Not an ante-natal class but it was good fun (although I was the youngest there by a long way)

    Flossy, good luck with the scan. How exciting getting a definite date

    Browny, your scan will be here in no time, hang in there.


    As for me, tablets for the upset stomach seem to be working. Feeling queezy now but better than I did. Have a meeting at DD's school tonight so I'll be exhausted after that.

    Have a great day everyone xx

  • Morning everyone - what a miserable day (well it's raining in Northumberland!)

    ABS congrats on 7 weeks! Hope the midwife can shed soem light, with you on the waking for the toilet so irritating when all you want to do is sleep.

    AR just looked at your pic - you look fab but hope nobody did comment. About a year ago someone started a pregnancy rumour about me as I'd put on a couple of pounds but when it's real no-one seems to have twigged! Not long till your scan when you break it down yay.

    Weekender enjoy yoga tonight, think I'm going tostart the beginning of October with one near me. Oh rubbish sorry the clothes weren't any good, it's an excuse for more shopping through!

    Flossy loads of luck today let us know how everything goes and if you get a proper date.

    Browny hope you're feeling OK, hope the week flies by for you.

    LG glad you're feeling a little better, hope the meeting goes well.

    AFM had a restless night waking either to wee or with a really dry mouth - anyone else have this? 13 weeks today!

  • LG - glad you are feeling better and arent too tired later.

    Grif - yes I get a dry mouth during the night too. Every time I get up for a wee I have to have a drink of water too (probably not helping the peeing cycle much though :/ ) I keep having really weird dreams.

  • hey ladies just a quickie this morning, ill try and pop back for personals later!

    flossy good luck hun !

    AFM i dont feel pregnant today all of my symptoms have gone so im feeling a bit down !!! :-( but in back 2 back meetings all day so hopefully it will keep my mind busy !

  • Hi ABC, glad you're feeling okay :)

    Hey AR, loving the bump, lol. I saw 2 people look at my stomach in the supermarket yesterday but a) I'm really fat at the mo and b) I think they were from my old fat club group so they don't really count. 11 weeks today! We're only a couple of days apart, it seems so long since we joined this thread.

    Weekender, let me know how the class goes, I just bought a DVD on eBay to give it a go, but maybe a class would motivate me more. Although not yet, no one knows I'm pregnant yet, that would be embarrassing if I bumped in to folk I knew! 13+5... wow! You know, everyone says time speeds up as you go along and it's so true. You'll be off soon... <blub!>  :D

    Flossy, you doity stopout! Good luck!

    Browny, week tomorrow is it? Not long really :)

    Hi LG, hope the queasiness eases, it (for me) is the absolute worst part of pregnancy

    Hi Grif, you'll be off soonish too. I have dry mouth a lot actually, but it comes and goes.

    Hi Monnie, I LOVE being distracted at work, not that it always works mind you. I swear, if I didn't have a job, or had a differenct job, I'd be in an asylum!!

    AFM - awesome scan yesterday. So very happy. I can stop panicking. I have painful boobs and the sick feeling is a third of what it was. I am more energetic (I tire easily but my capacity to do things is more, IYSWIM) and work is crazy-busy, interviewing all day today as well as finishing audit, but it's good, positive energy and the team seem excited about lots of improvements and changes, that makes such a difference to everything, I'm very lucky. :)

  • Just nipping by quickly will try and get back for personals later.

    Had a mad busy week, having discovered a fair few weeks ago we were expecting twins we also realised we needed to move quite urgently or said twins would have to live in stacked shoe boxes, so this week we have had an offer accepted on a new house, which is super exciting.

    Pregnancy wise, 13+2 and off for my scan tomorrow, scared and excited and desperately hoping all is ok. Will update as soon as I can.

    Welcome to all the new people and as I say will try and pop back for personals.

  • Morning all,

    Agentblackcat- hello! Those night time wees are annoying!

    AR- Yay to 11 weeks! I wore a confy dress and tights yesterday and had the same problem as you. I work with all men so I assume none of them would be brave enough to comment!

    Weekender- Shame about the clothes! Hopefully the nexy lot will be good. Oooh the yoga sounds good, I was thinking about doing this when I get a bit further along. You will have to update us tomorrow.

    Browny- Just over a week until scan, that will soon come around!

    Librarygal- Glad your feeling better.

    Grif- I havent had a dry mouth but have had tingly sort of feeling in my lips. Like ive had too many salt and vinegar crisps lol. 13 weeks!

    Monnie- Dont wory about symptoms, they do come and go.

    Flossy- good Luck for your scan!

    Counter- Glad your scan went well! Did you put on a pic? I didnt get chance to get back on to yesterdays thread.

    Pink panther- Ooh exciting with the house! we have ours on the market :) Good luck for tomorrow!

    AFM- God that was a marathon writing all that! I had my booking in today, the midwife was lovely. Got to go to get my bloods done tomorrow at the hospital. we have two viewings for our house tomorrow and we are looking at one tonight :) exciting! only 2 weeks til scan. Hope this flies by!

  • Monnie - hope your day goes quickly!

    Counter - so glad your scan went well yesterday. Do you have a pic you can flash???? So pleased you are feeling more positive :)

    PP - good luck for your scan xxx

    Bertie - Glad you had a nice midwife! Good luck for the viewings! Fingers crossed for a quick sale! x


    Ladies, meet 'Baxter' (pet name, not in the running for real name lol)

  • Morning Ladies!,

    ABC - those night wee's are a pain! I struggle to get back to sleep after getting up to go to one..! Hope you don't get up too many times!

    AR - I saw your picture yesterday, You have a lovely bump not sure how your going to hide it for another 13 days!

    Weekender - Shame about your clothes I hope the next lot will be better :) - Yoga sounds good let us know how you get on with it :)

    Browny - Hope your scan comes fast for you! Not long to wait :)

    Librarygal - Glad your starting to feel better :)

    Grif - I have been waking up to a really dry mouth in the morning's too the point my lips are cracking too!

    Monnie - Symptoms come and go, I wouldn't worry too much

    Flossy - Good luck with your scan please flash us a picture later :)

    Counter - Glad your scan went well!

    Pink Panther - Exciting news about the house - Good luck with the scan tomorrow

    Bertie - Glad midwife was nice, Good luck with all of the viewings, and I hope that your next 2 weeks fly by for you!

    AFM - Nothing much to report I am 9 weeks today woohoo!! Still feeling mega tired!, Need to text my SW consultant today for tonight's meeting, She's always mega busy with new members and we never stay so hard to tell her!, Counting down the day's until my booking in appointment which is Tuesday! Can't wait!

  • Must of cross posted Counter, Lovely Photo's! Hello Baxter!

  • Counter- Lovely scan picture!

    CC- Woo to 9 weeks! Thats whne my tiredness hit me!  Not long til the appointment. Its nice to get the ball rolling :)

  • I have had tiredness all the way through mine :(.. It doesn't seem to be improving or not lol, Yeah can't wait, then have my scan date to count down too!

  • Lovely scan pics Counter :) Are you going to find out the flavour?

    CC - Not long until your booking in appointment! Hope the tiredness eases up soon! x

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