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Morning ladies, it's Friday!

How's everyone feeling this morning? I woke up (TMI) with a bit of an upset tummy. Had the same thing once or twice yesterday too. 

Gavi, I saw on the thread yesterday you mentioned feeling flutters. I have also felt some this week but as I'm only just 10 weeks, I'm not sure what it was!

Have a good day. 


  • Morning wg

    Good news that you are feeling flutters

    Not much to report here at all, strong positive again this morning, will wait to test again till next week and if my digi rises then il book to see gp, not sure if I'm entitled to an early scan this time or not so will see what they say.

    Up at crack of dawn here,the small one was bellowing for breakfast and the big one woke up not long after!

  • Morning everyone.

    WG hope your tummy settles down. Flutters are how most describe baby moving so not sure. I'm not sure when you might be able to feel baby from.

    Get to wear trainers, jeans and a hoodie to work for sport relief so at least I don't have to try and find an outfit that disguises my tummy. I'm sure one or two teachers have clocked it, but as I want to wait until all the genetic results are back I'm not going to say anything until after the Easter holidays. Still waiting for phone call about my grandad. He's been on oxygen only since Monday evening and although he's been asleep since Tuesday he's obviously putting up a good fight. If I'm not around later or at the weekend that will be why.

    Hope everyone is feeling good this morning especially as its Friday!

  • Morning rf strong positive is good! Its always worth asking if you are entitled to an early scan. We did but that was for dating so we could have a CVS done as soon as possible.

  • Good Morning ladies!

    WG - I hope your tummy is better soon, I have the odd day like that too!

    TRF - Pleased to hear you've got a strong positive!  As bunny said, its always worth asking about an early scan.

    Bunny - sorry to hear about your grandad. I hope he continues his fight and pulls through I know how hard it is xx Enjoy your jeans and trainers, I'd love that on some days!

    AFM - I did read your messages last night, Thank you for asking after me. The appt went well, the blood test wasn't as bad as I thought and I'm terrible with needles. The midwife was lovely!! My BMI is a smidge over what they'd like so I have to increase my folic acid dosage and have a glucose test later on. ugh. The book they gave has terrified me, I know im overweight, not obese, but it was worded as if I was enormous!! It got me down :( I didn't get much sleep last night and heading off to work soon for another long shift :(

    Sorry another moany post from me!

    I hope you have a lovely friday everyone! xxx

  • Morning you lovely lot, and my last Friday in 1st Tri, arrrrgh!

    WG - forgive me for not knowing, is this your first baby? I think people tend to feel subsequent babies quite early? Hope your tummy settles down.

    TRF - that's good that you've got a nice strong positive. I don't know your history but if you have been entitled to an early scan in the past, no reason why you might not be this time. I just had a private early scan for peace of mind.

    Bunny - that sounds good, being all comfy for work. Hope your grandad is not in any pain, and lots of hugs. My colleague has just come in with sad news of his grandad - I have told him to get what he needs to get done, and b*gger off home.

    AFM - I can't believe I am at the end of first tri! I probably won't get chance to come on tomorrow as I have quite a busy day, but I hope to see all of you over on 2nd Tri very soon.

    Hi to all that follow, and happy weekend xx

  • Boo glad that the appointment went well and the blood test wasn't too bad!

    Gavi have fun in 2nd tri and I will hopefully see you there soon.

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