* Monday night time thread *

Evening all, it's growth spurt time :-( got a grouchy baby who's been awake all arvo and didn't go down until 8. I managed to get an hour 9-10 and now feeding in bed, expect I'll end up bed sharing tonight! Yawn.

Sending sleep vibes to all mummies, babies and pregnant ladies! Xx


  • Evening! E has been very awake and crank all evening! She is due a feed about 11 & has just fallen asleep. Who knows how long she'll be down for! I am very ready for bed, getting a bit cranky myself!!
  • Hi BE, hope you get some sleep soon. I'm off to bed now and praying for a good nights sleep again tonight

  • Hi Mrs Bass, hope E wakes up for that feed soon

  • Hope you all managed to get *some* rest.

  • Sounds like all our babies are grouchy! S has been colicky all evening, just fed him and he's very unsettled. Hopefully he'll settle soon, I'm feeling grouchy too and just want to go to bed!!!
  • E won't settle either, have sent my H to the spare room to get some sleep, think it will be one of those nights!

  • She woke for her feed, here is hoping we all get some sleep now!!
  • Hello all!

    M woke for a feed 25 mins ago, fell asleep after 5 mins so back on cot. 2 mins later she remembered she was hungry and screamed again! Feed number 2 was much better! Hopefully she'll sleep a bit longer now. I want my 3 hourly wake ups back.  So far so good. She did go to sleep at 9 so went almost 4 (!!!) hours.

    Sleepy dust to all! X

  • Here I am back again. 3 hours later and he's screaming like he's never been fed, he's so impatient and I'm so tired it doesn't make for a very happy mummy!! The regular feeding is wearing me down now, I love my sleep!!

    Sorry for the woe is me post, I'm just tired and grumpy. I know other people are getting less sleep than me so I'll shut up now!
  • Hi ladies, just up feeding O, all his feeds yesterday were very unsettled and he screamed through them everytime he wasn't feeding. He was sick on all the feeds and just got himself in a state.

    He had his last screaming match feed at 8pm, I eventually got him settled enough that he fell asleep and I took him up to bed about 9:45. He's squirmed and made loads of noise the whole time, trumped a few times in his sleep, but slept through until 1am. He passed loads of wind when I first started feeding him now and has honestly farted about 20 times since 1am so here's hoping that's helped his tummy a bit and he might sleep better now! Just changed him and heading back to bed in a bit x

  • Hope you're all sound asleep! Night hasn't been as bad as I thought, kept O in bed with me, he fed at 00:15 and has only just woke for another feed. Wore my bamboo breast padsto bed and the right one has ccompletely soaked and leaked so that was pleasant! Looks like I'll be sticking to lansinoh for nights at least.

  • We've had a fairly good night, although she did the same trick as last night of starting to stir so i go an get her bottle ready and she dozed off for another half hour! Tempted to leave her longer when she stirs tomorrow night but i know it wakes H!
  • M has just woken up for a feed. 1-6 .. I'll take that! My breast pads were soaked! She's having a bit of wise awake time now but will hopefully go back for a few hours. 9am would suit me lovely!

  • Put S in bed with us after his 2am feed and he slept till 6. I was hoping he would back off after but no, he's wide awake next to me kicking about and playfully shouting. I was hoping to doze whilst he played but no chance with that noise. He's having a lovely chat with himself though and sounds very cute so I'll let him off.
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