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Morning ladies! Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday, by the time I got back to my Mum's in Kent to pick up O, and then drove home to Essex, I was pretty much only set for hitting the sack. O had the best night he's had since his teeth started up again though so I feel refreshed this morning! Today we're off for our 1st visit to Father Christmas (we considered O a bit young last year) so hoping he likes the big man! Hi to all who follow, will


  • pop back later (apologies for cut off, I'm on crappy mobile forum!) Coco 4+5 x
  • Morning ladies.

    Coco I hope it was a good day yesterday? I hope O enjoys meeting Father Christmas today.

    I have woken up wit the realisation that it's scan week, I'm really scared  already. How can I stop myself thinking about it?

  • Morning.

    Coco - Hope LO enjoys santa!

    Imp - When is your scan? I thought it was next week, I must be confusing your scan with someone elses. Try to keep yourself busy xx

    AFM - I've not been well, the ulcers were caused by a virus so I've spent the weekend trying to recover. Got the midwife today, I really hope that she books my scan today and I come away knowing the date.... I'm rubbish at being patient! I'm going to try and ask for it sooner rather than later, ideally between Boxing Day and New Years Eve (I believe I'm eligible for it from Boxing Day, at 11+2). H's parents are going away for FOUR weeks from the 3rd Jan so really want to have it done before then so we can tell them, and everyone else.

  • Hi pep.

    My scan is onThursday, I think I might be a day or two early for it but they booked it nice and early so I've got time to go back if need be. Fig and CA have got theirs next week.

    I hope you get your scan date ASAP, I know how frustrating it is not knowing what date you're working towards.

  • What time is at Imp? I really hope Thursday comes round quickly. Try and look at the positives of it :) Will you be able to tell everyone after this one? Or are you holding off for longer? That little baby is going to be just fine, you wait xx

  • It's at 10am so at least it's in the morning. We will tell siblings and close friends (maybe 6-8 people) after this scan. I'm not planning to announce properly until past 20 weeks, obviously if we see people before that I'll probably have to tell them as hopefully I'll have a lovely bump by then- it might give the game away!

  • Morning ladies,

    I've been a bad MDer and haven't been on the tri threads for a few days - sorry! Hope everyone is doing okay xx

    Coco, hope you have a lovely day with Santa!

    Imp, can't believe your scan has come around so quickly! All will be fine, I'm sure of it. Do you have any Christmassy bits still to do to take your mind off it all? Maybe wrapping presents in front of a few festive films?

    Pep, hope you're feeling better now and that your scan date comes through asap. My scan date came through about a week or so after my MW appointment, but I hope yours comes through even quicker than that.

    AFM, tired, tired, tired. I'm tired all of the time. I have about 2 hours in the morning where I feel human, and then I spend the rest of the day battling chronic tiredness. I've fallen asleep on the sofa straight after dinner every night for the past few days. It's one week tomorrow until my scan date, and then we can start telling people, although I'm popping round to see my Great Aunt this evening with her Christmas present and I think I'm going to tell her our news today. I don't see her very often and I think I'd prefer to tell her face to face rather than over the phone.

    Hi to all who follow xx


  • Fig I do have lots of pressies to wrap, how did you know?!  I have been a lazy imp!  I will do some tonight and some tomorrow and then it's only wednesday night to get through- not too bad if i think of it like that.

    Enjoy seeing your great aunt and telling her your lovely news!  I bet she will be thrilled for you.

  • Morning all.

    Coco - Glad you got some more sleep last night and you're feeling refreshed today.

    Imp - have you got lots of work or Christmas bits and pieces to do this week to try and keep your mind off your scan?  I know you're really worried but I really think that everything will be absolutely fine.

    Pep - poor you with a virus.  Hope you are looking after yourself.  Hope you get on ok at the midwife today and get a scan date.

    Fig - sorry you're feeling so tired.  Its a good sign though and it shouldn't last forever.  Enjoy telling your Great Aunt tonight.

    AFM - I'm off again today.  Yay!!!!  Love Mondays off work.  I've got a couple of Christmas things to do today and thats about it.  I think today I'll mostly be chilling in front of the tv and taking it easy.  If I get bored I've got ironing and housework that could be done.  Pregnancy wise I'm still feeling great.  Pretty much since 9 weeks I've felt ok.  This worries my greatly that its too early for symptoms to all disappear.  I've got my scan 1 week today and like Imp, I'm really starting to stress about it.  I'm extremely worried about the screening and what might come out of that so even if the scan looks ok I'm not sure I'll be telling anyone apart from really close friends until I get my results through.

  • CA - My symptoms have massively eased from the 9 week mark too. I think we should just embrace it :) Wispa said the same about her symptoms, that is what is reassuring me.

  • yeah Pep, I always think of Wispa too because I know her symptoms went at about 9 weeks too.  I guess I might just be one of the lucky ones and I should really be thankful, not wishing I felt sick again lol

  • Morning everyone, I'm being brave and going to try posting here more often!

    Coco, sorry it's a bit late but congrats on your bfp, enjoy your visit to Santa

    Imp, oh lovely, can completely understand how you feel, not much I can say to ease your worries but I have everything crossed for you that all will be well. Now get wrapping those presents!

    Pep, sorry to hear you've been unwell how rubbish. Hope u feel better soon. Hope you get your scan date soon

    Fig, hope the tiredness eases, ah bet you're so excited to tell your great aunt, how lovely

    Candy, Ive heard a lot of people say their symptoms eased around 9 weeks, try not to worry but that's easier said than done i know. I'm with ya on the scan worry too and probably won't fully relax till after the 20 week scan!

    Afm, am around 8 and a half weeks now, had another scan over the weekend which showed everything as it should be. Have constant nausea but am not complaining as Im sooooo happy. Got my next scan in around 3 weeks so on countdown for that. I'm hoping it will go quickly what with Christmas and New Years. Speaking of which, I'm so unorganised for crimbo this year, I can't believe how it's creeped up on us, I've hardly done any shopping ooops! Hope everyone has a good week x

  • So lovely to see you here CO. So pleased that your scan looked good at the weekend. Hopefully the next one will be here in no time. In the meantime you better get yourself sorted for Xmas. I can't believe is just over 1 week away. No idea what happened to this year.

  • Lovely to 'see' you CO! When is your booking appointment? Is the scan in 3 weeks your NT scan?

    Gosh, I'm getting nervous about seeing the midwife, what is that all about?!

  • Hi all.

    Coco - glad you had a good night. Bet O will love Father Christmas! We'll have to see photos!

    Imp - I hope Thursday comes quickly for you xx

    Pepperoni - surely you should have been given a date by now? Hope they can fit you in at the time you want. Hopefully be quiet at that time as people may be away visiting.

    Figaro - oh I can relate to the tiredness! Have fun telling your aunt.

    CA - I seem to remember from last time that there were plenty of people whose symptoms eased 'early'. Don't forget that there are women who never even know they're pregnant, so everyone is different.

    CO - Glad the scan went well. I too have no idea how Christmas crept up on us so suddenly! Hopefully the next few weeks will whizz by.

    AFM - had an AWFUL night with A, he would only sleep on me which meant I couldn't sleep. I kept putting him back in bed and he'd last 15 minutes before waking again. Utter hell. He's currently refusing to go down for his afternoon nap - I was planning to join him! Fingers crossed he sleeps soon and then has a good night tonight. I went to the doctors this morning to inform them of the pregnancy and he gave me the flu jab at the same time which I was really grateful for, saves me going back!

  • Hello CO!  *waves*  I'm glad to hear your early scan went well, that's great news.

    Saisi sorry to hear you had such a bad night, I hope tonight is better.

    Pep I hope it goes well with the mw and you get your scan date.

  • Saisi - Hope you manage to get some rest. Think everywhere does things differently, must be common practice around here that scans aren't requested until the booking in appointment.

    Just back from booking in. Wow, feels a bit real? Had a freak out in the waiting area as there was someone I know there with their newborn waiting to go in for immunisations. In my head, they were going into the room after me so would not only see me going into the room, but would then go into the room with the midwife after me - therefore it wouldn't be possible to hide that I had gone into see the midwife. Rationale kicked in once I'd got into the room and calmed myself down! No scan date but its been sent off for and its been based on my last period, which dates me at 11+6 so they are expecting a scan to come through fairly quickly. I've got to have a glucose test at 16 weeks because there is diabetes in the family, and because a gynaecologist in the past has said that she thinks I had PCOS (even though another gynaecologist categorically said I didn't...). Also got to see a consultant for both of those reasons, but mainly because of the suspected PCOS I think.

  • That's good that you'll get your scan through soon Pep.  I wonder if once you've seen the consultant they might refer you back to the midwifes if they're happy with everything.

  • Imp - Thats what it sounded like to me, that I'd just have to see him for him to rule me as OK (if he deems that I am) and that would be it. I'm still having my appointments with the midwives - my next ones booked in for the end of Jan.

  • Yeah I'm under the consulatant at the moment and I still see the mws too.  I just have extra appts with the consultant.  I'm hoping after 16 weeks they'll transfer me back to just wodwife care.

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