** Thu 1st tri **

Morning ladies! Not a lot to report here...O is currently dancing and shouting "choo choo" as he's watching Thomas...bless him! I gave work this afternoon so just a quick trip to the town market planned this morning. Babywise nothing to report, I'll be a damn site happier once I've seen baby on the screen as like last time I just don't feel pregnant! Hi to all who follow x


  • Morning Coco. Hope work goes well and you have a good trip to the market beforehand.

    H has taken A to nursery so I'm just getting a bit of screen time in now. Yesterday was my first day back at work... well first half-day (I work half-day Weds, all day Thurs and Fri). It went ok, I told my manager about the pregnancy and she seems ok with it but did say she was "gobsmacked". I'm ashamed to admit I may have made out it was less than planned! I do feel bad about it. Will tell the rest of the team after 12-week scan next Monday (so will tell them Weds when I'm in). They've carved out a different role for me so I do feel bad I'm leaving again!!

    I think H is slightly annoyed with me, I was meant to take A to nursery but he's ended up doing it. It's a looooong story but I maintain it's his fault I can't be ready in time as he takes sooo long in the bathroom. We're going to have to have a think about how to do it, it probably makes more sense for me to do the pickups instead (sigh). Sorry just a moan. Feeling absolutely knackered even though I fell asleep putting A to bed at 8pm and didn't wake until 7am, except to give him a quick feed at 4am.

  • Hello everyone.

    Not been around as have been busy both at work and in the evenings this week.

    Coco - when is your scan again? O sounds so cute,

    Saisi - nothing wrong with telling a little white lie, it's none of her business anyway. Hope the tiredness subsides.

    AFM - I'm not too bad, really tired and I have days of nausea and days without. this morning was the first time I had to actually run to the bathroom but it was just dry retching (grim!). Feeling a bit better now though. Just counting down the ten days to our early scan!

  • Morning ladies, hope you're all well. Coco, O sounds so cute, when is your scan?

    Saisi, I don't blame you for the white lie. If work had been funny with me (it's strict policy to notify them the moment you get a bfp, despite the law saying otherwise, but no-one ever does) I had planned to do the same. Or mutter sthg about unsure cycles after mc.

    Gavi, hope the ten days pass soon, and the nausea passes sooner!

    Not much to report here. Still at home, grounded from work, so bored but making the most of duvet days combined with housework and looking after hubby. I have told him today he needs to try to get up this afternoon. If nothing else, the cat's litter tray needs changing! I feel happier now work knows and feel they are on my side. Bit stresses about next week's assessments, but looking forward the weekend. Having my hair done tomorrow, then Saturday I have my dating scan and genetics results (bit worried but also excited) and the NHS dating scan is Weds (really stupid they won't accept dating from a private clinic but it's another chance to see babybean). All being well I'll buy a Doppler in a week or so.

    Talking of purchases, I am about to buy a maternity dress!!! I still fit into my jeans (well, the 10s not the 8s) but next Sat I am going to the ballet with a friend and none of my dresses fit anymore (all 8s). I don't have a bump as such, but have definitely filled out a bit and got, well, thicker! I swear my hips have widened slightly too. Anyway, no point in buying a new normal dress in a larger size, so maternity here we come! I have see this, what do you think?

    I tnink it's not too obviously maternity, and will work for daytime ss well. will order it later :-)

  • Love that dress BF and you can dress it up or down.

    God I sound like my mother.

  • Thanks, and I think we probably all sound like our mothers. It was what I was thinking anyway!! Best of all is it's actually a postnatal nursing dress as well, so as long as babybean does Ok, the dress can have lots of use :-)

  • Hey all

    Coco - another day closer to scan!  Just think it's Februrary on Saturday!

    Saisi - not surprised you are so tired! Can't believe your manager said she was gobsmacked. Not cool.

    Gavi - hope tthe sickness subsides - are you managing to eat normally?

    BF - so pleeased work are all supportive and hope you manage to rest lots over these days.  I love the dress and want it myself.  Do you mind me asking where from?

    AFM - work is feeling a lot less stressful and this week has flown by.  I keep being told the tiredness subsides from about 12 weeks but no sign of that yet.  I suppose i can't complain as so lucky not had any sickness!

    Hi to all who follow

  • Thankfully, I am still eating fine. If anything, eating helps, which is lucky

  • CeeJay, the dress is from John Lewis. Online if you search maternity. However, I've ordered the last size 10 and think they only have a 14 left. They do it in brighter colours as well, a very bright turquoise. It's very similar to the maternity dresses I love, the colour block dresses from Tiffany Rose, but they are pricier so I'm waiting until I'm less nervous of things before buying from there! Glad your work is less stressful as well :-)

  • Hi everyone,

    I had my glucose tolerance test this morning. I'd never tried lucozade before and it was pretty vile! You have to drink half a litre within 5 minutes - oh my goodness I couldn't tell if I needed to burp or vom but getting it all inside was hard! I've survived my three blood tests (with and hour between each) and am now home. Very tired and so think I may not bother going into work for the last two hours of the day.

    Coco - O sounds very cute! Not long until your scan now.

    Saisi - you shouldn't have felt bad but I can imagine it was a little awkward announcing you'll be leaving again in 6 months. I hope getting back into work goes well.

    Gavi - Ten days until you see your bubba!

    Barefoot - Love the dress!

    Ceejay - I can't wait until the tiredness subsides. Looks like I have a good few weeks to go yet!

  • Ducky, you have two in there...it might be a while!!

  • Afternoon all, sorry I haven't been able to get on, but I've been quite busy this morning!

    Coco - hope work isnt too bad

    Saisi - I know you must feel a bit bad, but at least you're getting the kids out the way in quick succession!

    Gavi - hope the days go by quickly until your scan

    BF - so glad work have been understanding. Love the dress!

    CJ - hope it settles down soon!

    Ducky - glad the test went ok. Not sure I could stomach that right now!

    AFM: I had a good rest yesterday and the spotting/discharge seems to have stopped. Had my booking appointment this morning, which went fine. She's referring me to an obstetrician due to my suspected PCOS, clomid and history of depression. She seems to think I'll just have the one appointment and then be discharged to MW. Got my scan tomorrow and I'm really nervous. Trying to stay positive but I know I'll just be a nervous wreck when I'm in the waiting room :(

  • Hello everyone!!

    Coco - FX the days to your scan fly in for you :)

    Saisi - don't be hard on yourself, it will take time to develop a routine that works while you are back to routine. And def don't feel bad about your white lie! Needs must :)

    Gavi - I have lots of sympathy for you, I know how you feel. It's hard , you don't want to wish these precious weeks away but it's hard feeling rubbish all the time

    Ceejay - the tiredness is difficult but as they say 'this too will pass' plenty of rest & tlc for you

    Barefoot - love the dress! Glad work are being accommodating with you :)

    Ducky - do you mind me asking why you had glucose test so early? I need one cause of my BMi but it's being done 20-24 wks. It sounds soooo pleasant - NOT!

    Browny - massive luck for  your scan!! Glad you are being taken care of so well

    Afm - had my booking in app today. Went ok - scan pic not great but strong heartbeat so I'm happy. I didn't faint when bloods were done either & 90% time I do so that was good!  They think I'm 10 weeks as well.  Were quite concerned about my skin cancer which brought it all back  & I was a bit teary. I had also sent copies of all my hospital app letters, complaint letters & responses to my HSG complaint that aren't in my green file - only realised when I got home. This has annoyed me as it's important whoever desks with me knows what a traumatic experience I had. And I NEED a note on my file saying the HSO who battered me by trying to force the hsg equipment in is not allowed to attend to me during my antenatal care (same hospital) I will be photocopying the letters & adding them in myself & telling my consultant at my 'big' scan.

  • Browny - Loads of luck for tomorrow lovely xxx

    SaSaSi - It was decided at my booking in that because I ticked some risk factors that my midwife was going to book me in for an early one and they will repeat it each trimester. I had a student midwife observing at my booking in, so a I think she was doing think even more by the book than normal! I thinks she mentioned twins, PCOS, being overweight (sob) and have a family history of diabetes. It wasn't that bad, I'm sure if you're further along and don't have sickness, it will be a breeze (if quite a long boring breeze).

  • Oh and FAB news on your scan!

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