** Thursday 1st tri **

Morning ladies! Sorry I didn't make it on yesterday...was SILs birthday so we invaded hers and running around after O and his 14 month old twin cousins left little time for posting! Hope you all had a fab bank holiday.Not much to report baby wise...bit crampy last night but recall that as coinciding with streching last time. Time seems to be going v fast just now! Hey to all who follow - will pop back this evening after work for personals x


  • Morning ladies.

    Coco it sounds like a busy day. I have has lots of cramping and pulling pains, and everyone's told me they're normal.

    Hubs has gone back to work today so I'm home alone. I've not got much planned as I haven't been feeling too well, bad cold, sinuses playing up and toothache. Lovely!

  • Hey Coco!

    I've not long been up, not back to work until Monday although wondering how I'm going to manage to get up I'm that tired at the moment!

    Apart from being exhausted and having a bit of backache, I am otherwise ok at the moment. 5wks 3days today!

    Wish time would hurry along though, plan to have early scan at 8 weeks, but seems to far away.

    Alipops x

  • Hi ladies!

    Coco my cramps etc were that bad I kept thinking my period was coming so I had 5 gin the night before my positive clear blue! Whoops! In my defence I had 2 negative tests the. Week before. The cramps are horrible but as you say they seem to be part of the course.

    IMP - a day relaxing to yourself will be Lovely. Enjoy!

    Alipops - I'm back to work on Monday too & I've been off over a month (had an operation start of dec). Work for me means up at. 6am for a 45 min train journey :( really don't know how I'm gonna hack it with my queasiness & tiredness :( but I will just come home & sleep for an hr before dinner . Do you have much of a commute? Work is going to be such a shock to the system!!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning!

    Coco - I had really bad cramps in the beginning, between 4-6 weeks mainly. One day they were so painful that I really was concerned.

    Imp - How rubbish :( Hope you feel better soon.

    All - Time soon starts moving :) Hopefully it will go quickly for you. I found trying not to think about it / countdown helped.

    AFM - Got my consultants appointment this afternoon. Its because I have a gynaecological history (suspected PCOS). Think I'm a bit nervous about it, but at the same time I'm expecting the appointment to not last very long at all and nothing significant to come out of it. 12 weeks today - WOW. Wow. Wow.

  • Sas - Missed you there! I think somehow you will just find the energy to muster through work. If you ever have a really bad week though I advise just taking a sick day. I did this when my sickness was at its absolute peak and that one day did me the absolute world of good. You really can overdo things! I have an hour commute each way so feel for you, it just makes that day so much more longer!

  • Imp - you poor thing. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Ali - I know the tired feeking...I'm falling asleep watching tv every night just now!

    SaSaSi - I completely sympathise....when I was pregnant with O I had a 1hr 30 commute so I was often out of the house for over 12hrs. It was high pressure/tight deadlines...hence my little part time shop job since having O and deciding to ttc again! I do think sometimes though getting back to the 9-5 actually helps ease the tiredness as you're busy iyswim?

    Pep - Yay for 12wks :-) Hope you're appointment goes well.

  • Ali & sas I hope work isn't as bad as you think on Monday. I'm dreading it too, I've been having a 2 hour nap during the holidays!

    Pep- 12 weeks! Yayyy! I hope the appt goes well and they discharge you back to low risk midwife care.

  • Hello everyone!

    Nice to see you all. I'm back at work today so will try and pop back for personals later.

    Belly is very niggly and achy today. I hope it is nothing to worry about.

  • Hi all!

    Coco - yeah it does seem to be going quickly! Think we are currently date twins!

    Imp - sorry you're not feeling well, hope you get a nice restful day.

    Ali - hope work is easier than you think!

    SaSaSi - do you usually get a seat? In my first pregnancy I had to get a crowded train every morning and it was awful. I'd get off the train and have to sit on a bench for five minutes to stop myself from being sick. Ironically as soon as I got a bump and people started offering me a seat, I felt miles better and didn't need it really, 1st tri was the worst for me. Oh and I used to come home from work, scarf dinner down and then go to bed and sleep through until morning!

    Pep - hope the appt goes well, let us know. Woohoo for 12 weeks!

    Ducky - shouldn't be anything to worry about, just stretching pains probably. I was up all night once in my pg with Alex worrying about my tummy pains but that's all it was!

    AFM - sorry I've not been on much, I've been staying at my parents over the festive period and not had a chance. We are back home now though, A is napping (sadly on the sofa so I can't really leave him to do anything useful... what a shame hey) and H is back at work. Technically so am I but I've got to use up tons of my annual leave first so I won't be actually starting until the 29th. Pregnancy-wise nothing much except a bit of queasiness now and then. I've had a letter through with dates for blood test and nuchal scan but no booking-in appt... must call them to find out, I'd have thought you needed booking-in even for a 2nd child surely?!

  • Sorry so late back to this....not sure if anyone is even still about?!

    Ducky - sure it is just the usual baby(babies ;-) ) bedding in etc. If in doubt though give someone a shout.

    Saisi - We sure are at the mo! :-) Understandable with the festive period being so busy! Boo to having to go back to work soon (but on a positive, the money will be a bonus!) Glad you've only had a bit of queasiness rather than full blown sickness. I've had a booking in appointment arranged but not a date for a scan etc yet - I would have thought you'd still get a booking in/early MW appointment unless you've already filled out all the paperwork etc?

    AFM: MW rang this evening and I have my booking in appointment tomorrow afternoon :-) This makes everything so much more real! After I got in from work I got a couple of treats....O's speech is starting to really thrive, and tonight he has treated me to night night mama, eight (when the number was on the TV so probably a fluke in that respect), chocolate and socks! Haha! A nice mixed bag! I am such a proud Mummy though, he makes me smile every day!

  • Aww go O, what a clever boy! Can't wait to get some words out of Alex.

    I called and asked about the booking appt and have been given one for three weeks time, letter must have been lost in the post. Can't waitto feel like on the system :)

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