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Morning All

couldnt see a thread started so hope you dint mind me starting one x


  • Morning lovely! How are you?

    All good here, 24 weeks now! Still feeling good, lets hope it continues.

    Hello all xxx

  • Morning NLH, how are you today?

    All good here. Sooooo tired with getting up to the toilet 2-3 times a night! Otherwise all good! :)

    Hello to all that follow.

  • Crossed posted with you Mrs P. Happy 24 weeks! Yay!

  • Morning lovely ladies!!

    Morning NLH!

    Mrs P- Congrats on 24 weeks!!

    sweetpea- what  pain! Im only waking up once during the night at the moment but I used to do that before I was pregnant too!

    My leg is still killing me! its even worse after its rested for a while so im trying to keep moving. so glad my office is on the ground floor as I look like a ploker trying to get down the stairs!

    I refused to get out of bed this morning until I flt some good movements! it took a while but i got some eventually.

    Only plans for today are to paint the knobs for the nursery draws!

  • Morning all,

    I'm not doing to good actually, at the docs at the min. Number one the sickness has returned with a vengeance but what's worse is for the last few days I've had terrible pains down my legs, I can't sit or lay properly. Not sleeping feel absolutely dreadful x

  • Morning ladies!

    Nlh I'm really sorry you're having such a rough time at the moment :( hope they can give you something to help.

    MrsP, 24 weeks, fab news!

    Sweetpea, I seem to make it through to the early hours but then struggle to settle so also tired, rubbish isn't it?

    Mrs Bass, wonder if something like swimming might be good? Enjoy your chilled day.

    Afm, slightly better drop off at school so hopeful it will improve. Now sat in the hairdressers, excited about what it'll look like! Think I might have felt movements last night but not sure if its wishful thinking lol two sleeps til we see the baby :)

  • Hello everyone.

    NLH, sorry you are feeling so poo :( what has the doctor said?

    MrsP, happy 24 weeks! Glad you feel good. Long may it continue!

    Hi Sweetpea! Sorry you didn't get a good nights sleep. I don't wake up for a wee in the night but every morning I'm so desperate and I ache all over! Almost wish I would wake up for a wee!

    MrsB, sorry your leg is bad. Hope it gets better soon. Glad you got some movements this morning :)

    Isis, how exciting! I can't wait to feel things. Is it your gender scan on Sat? Mines on Monday, I can't wait! Have fun at the hairdressers, mines well overdue but I think the smell of bleach would still make me sick so I'm hanging on for now.

    AFM, I'm ok. Had a terrible day yesterday with the sickness but on the whole it's slowly but surely buggering off. I still feel sick all the time but I'm hoping that will start to clear off soon too. Gender scan on Monday, then it's our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday. If the weather is ok I think we will go to the safari park (we have free tickets) and them out for a nice meal. Wanted to go to the restaurant at our wedding venue but they aren't open Tuesdays and that's the only day H could get there because of work.

    I'm waiting to hear off H about a new job. He's gone for a second interview/meeting with the director, I'm so excited for him, it would make a massive difference to our lives if he gets it. I feel sick! Just want the call.

    Hope you all have lovely days!

  • Okay so saw the midwife for my 25 week appointment yesterday. Bump measured 24.5cm - which i am thrilled with - as baby#1 bump always measured 2-3cm ahead and she ended up being 9lb10oz. Fingers crossed this one might be more 'average'. I havent put on anywhere near the amount of weight as i did last time.

    There was protein in my wee however so they i might have startings of UTI (although i feel fine!). BP and baby heartbeat all okay. Student midwife had a good feel of bump, declared baby breech. I laughed and said definitely - all the kicks are towards my foof! Midwife had a feel, yes breech and then was able to direct me to feel the head myself - which was awesome Big Smile . I'm not fussed about breech position either - baby#1 was breech up until 36weeks.  Midwife said she likes me - i'm so chilled about everything. Perfect candidate for homebirth (phew, thats handy, LOL)

    Then zoomed to yard (as midwife had been running 25mins late!) . Vet looked at horse. Confirms he does have ringbone. Explained in a young horse it is pretty much a death sentence but in a older horse like mine its more like osteoarthritis and as he isn't lame at the moment, vet assures me he isn't in pain. So advice was to turn horsey out in a field shoeless, keep feeding the glucosamine supplements, until i've had the baby. Review situation when i want to get back onboard in Jan/Feb. Maybe X-ray the joints then if he is lame/stiff/etc. So better new than i was expecting.

    Then came to my sisters. (4hours drive - had to stop for 2 wees on route!). Promptly got a call to say my horse had been brought in, rugged up and give a nice cosy stable, as he was wet & shivering. ARRGHHH> My horse lives out 24-7 all year round, he can cope with winter conditions (i do rug him if it snows!) but if he has a rug now, in sept, how is he gonna acclimatize and cope in winter!? grump.

    Right, apologies for essay and lack of personals.

  • Morning all

    NLH - Sorry you aren't feeling very well.

    Mrs P - Congrats on 24 weeks.

    SP - It's a pain having to go to the toliet so often isn't it? You wait until the baby is big enough to sit its head on your bladder!!

    Mrs B - Have you had any physio on your leg? Hope it gets better.

    Isis - Ooh what are you having done? We need to see a pic.

    OB - How exciting about the gender scan. Hope your H gets the job.

    HF - Fingers crossed for a smaller baby :) Sorry about the mixed news on your horse.

    AFM - 16 weeks today :) Can't believe I'm only 5 weeks off where I got to last time. Will be a good milestone to reach! Glad its approaching the end of the week, light at the end of the tunnel.

  • NLH- I hope the dr can help out both of you!!

    Isis- enjoy the pampering, im off to hairdressers next week and cant wait!

    OB-glad to hear the sickness is finally going away!!! lots of vibes for your H!

    HF- sounds like a great midwife appointment! Glad to hear the vet was positive about your horse, hope this is only a temp set back!

    Mrs V- happy 16 weeks!!

    I havent done anything about my leg as it only happened the other day, im pretty sure its from me roughly trying to massage the cramp away! Sure it will ware off in a couple of days, im just a wimp!!

    Had lots of movements this morning which is great, obviously at work im to busy to notice!!

    Ive remembered we are going to friends for dinner tonight so looking forward to that!!

  • hey all

    went doctors this morning, he said i have sciatica, said i just have to keep active and take paracetomol also back on the anti sickness drugs

  • Hi ladies! Just managed to get on, had hectic day at work yet again!

    NLH- what is sciatica? Hope you feel better soon!

    Mrs P- Roll on the feeling good!!!

    Mrs Bass- I hope you feel better soon, take it easy won't you??

    Isis- Hope the hair looks good! Nothing like a nice pamper :-)

    OB- FX for H's job- any news?

    HF- Glad baby is okay but sorry that it's a mixed bag on horsey :-( Bless him!

    SP- So annoying about the loo isn't it?! Everyone was laughing at me at work today for going about 3 times in 2 hours!!

    Not much to report here, baby is still kicking away which is such a joy, although I wish H could feel it but hopefully not too long until he can. Still trying to get sorted for our house move next Saturday but very behind on packing... usually I'd be panicking but I'm too exhausted to be bothered !!!

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