** Thursday 3rd tri **

Morning all. Woke up with mild period pain this morning. Had it over the last day or so. Any ideas??


  • Morning LP - Period pain at this point is nothing to worry about as far as im aware, its pretty normal. Just a sign of things starting off. It can however happen a few weeks before it all kicks off properly. But a step in the right direction none the less. Have a nice warm bath or take some paracetamol to try to ease the pain?

    AFM- Not alot planned today, other than getting the bedding washed for the moses basket. Baby is very wriggly this morning. According to H he was doing very big kicks last night, he said he doesn't understand how i could sleep through it!

  • Morning ladies,

    LP I'm sure the pain is nothing to worry about, you tend to get more pains toward the end, I think its your body preparing for labour. If you've any concerns ring your MW though- my contractions last time started off like period pains.

    MS enjoy your wriggly bump, I'm going to miss mine.

    AFM its my mums birthday today so ages coming round for tea. Need to have a tidy this morning before she gets here.

    One week today I'll be at the hospital waiting for my ELCS eeek so exciting!

    JT 39 weeks

  • Morning ,

    LP, sure the period pain is nothing to worry about but maybe phone the mw if you are concerned.

    MS, wow, baby must be moving loads!

    Afm, having lots of baby movement. Still at the nice stage, but the kicks at 1 and 2 am are losing their magic


  • JT, happy mums birthday! 1 week to go, enjoy the countdown x

  • Morning all,

    LP- my bump ache a couple of weeks ago felt like period pain. It didnt last long and i haven't felt it since!

    Mummysimpson-you must have been in a vey deep sleep!

    I REALLY want some tea and toast! Ive planned to go to a nice coffee shop near my GP surgery after my GTT, they do tea cakes the size of my face. I can't wait! Only 3 hours to wait!

    This afternoon is going to be a sofa and trashy tv afternoon!

  • Morning all!

    LP- hope the pain subsides soon :-(

    MS- Enjoy your day of not doing a lot, those arevalways the best days!

    JT- hope your mum has a  lovely day, enjoy!

    MrsP- waking up in the middle of the night is not one of the better signs of pregnancy.. i hate waking up two or three times a night for the toilet!

    AFM- going into work later today as have my MW appt at 10.15. I want to see how, im measuring, last time I was a week behind, what's the betting im infront this week. Im going to ask her if she can predict babys birth weight, just for a laugh. Im convinced were having a chunk! :-)

    It feels like it should be Friday already, this week is really dragging!

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Oooh missed you Mrs Bass! Enjoy your afternoon and hope all goes well at GPs :-)

  • Morning all, LP I get that type if aching when I've overdone it. Have you been very busy?

    MS enjoy your day of pottering. We're planning on getting all Isla's baby stuff down from the attic this weekend to sort through and wash. Need to then store it somewhere secret incase anyone sees it. No one else knows we know the sex this time. Can't help but wonder which of us will have our baby first. Exciting stuff.

    JT enjoy tea with your mum

    Mrs P wriggles and kicks are fab but perhaps not at that time of night. Can't say I feel any once I'm asleep.

    AFM my extra day off today due to inset not a lot planned. Might take Isla to a toddler group with my friend this morning. We went to soft play yesterday which Isla always enjoys. She just doesn't stop the whole time we're there. Very tired at the end of it all so she had a lovely long nap at lunchtime. Hi to everyone else x

  • Hi Mrs Bass and Gemini!

  • Morning everyone!

    LP - Sure it's just things getting ready like everyone else said but make sure you speak to someone if you're concerned xx

    MS - At least you did sleep through them and weren't up all night because of it!

    JT - One week to go, crazy! Hope you have a nice tea.

    MrsP - Enjoy the movement, mine are becoming less comfortable, I wouldn't say that they're UNcomfortable as such, just that I can tell there's not as much fluid in there!

    MrsBass - Enjoy your tea cake and sofa afternoon :-)

    AFM - Not feeling great this morning, H leaves for work just before 7 and I usually get up but this morning I actually went back to sleep until 8:40, feel like I'm getting a cold :-( I really hope it's nothing as it's H's bday on Saturday and my Baby shower on Sunday! Luckily I don't have any plans today so can hopefully rest it away! Although it is a gorgeous day here, cold and sunny with not a cloud in the sky :-) so might try and get out for a walk.

  • Oops, slow typing!

    Gemini - Fingers crossed for your measurements!

    MrsB - Hello! Hope you have a nice day whatever you decide to do x

  • MrsP I think I'm lucky, kicks in the night never wake me up. Unfortunately the toilet visits do though

    MrsBass a sofa and tv day sounds lovely

    Gemini hope the MW goes well

    MrsB Getting them worn out so they have a long nap is great. I'm off to a play group this afternoon where they also do dancing so W always has a good long sleep after that. Hoping to get all my jobs done while she sleeps

  • MrsB - I know, will be interesting to see who has baba first, i think it will be you though, im fully expecting to go over. x

  • I'm expecting to go over too though MS!! I was moved a week by dating scan so not expecting much to happen before the 9th. Don't see how I could've been pregnant almost a week earlier than I thought. But hey, what do I know?! I was 4 days over due with Isla. They only moved me by one day at her 12 week scan

  • Morning everyone!!

    LP - I've had the odd little pain too, think I remember getting it last time and it's pretty normal.

    MS - enjoy your relaxing day!

    JT - enjoy tea with your mum x

    Mrs P - night time kicks are less enjoyable aren't they!! I had that at 4.30am!!

    Mrs Bass - sounds like a lovely afternoon you have planned.

    Gemini - Hope your MW appointment goes well, let us know.

    Mrs B - enjoy your relaxing day too

    BE - make sure you get some good rest today, and hopefully you are better for the weekend.

    AFM - first day of ML today. Had a rubbish nights sleep last night, woke at 4.30 for nearly 2 hours, I felt wide awake and a little bit sick. I have a hair appointment this morning and i'm going to do some cleaning and washing this afternoon, but will get some rest in between I think (maybe a little nap). Found out some lovely news from our friends yesterday, they have been trying for a baby for a VERY long time and they are finally pregnant!! so chuffed for them and will be lovely for baby to have another playmate.


  • Morning all, sorry no personals as I am feeling pretty rubbish this morning so am just popping my head in for a moment. Awake a lot in the night with period pains (snap LP) and now I'm feeling sick as well so I'm not exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed today!

    Full term today though which is quite exciting! I am now happy for baby to appear at any point in the next few weeks.

  • TT - I felt sick last night too and struggled to sleep. Its not nice. I feel better now and have had no more pains. Hope you are feeling better too x
  • Morning all,

    Busy thread today!

    Lp- I'm sure it's nothing but like everyone else has said phone the mw if you're concerned.

    Ms- I seem to sleep through night time kicks too! The only thing that wakes me is the toilet trips.

    Jt- hope your mum has a lovely birthday. 1 week, eek!! Very exciting.

    MrsP- You need to be able to sleep through anything like me!

    MrsB- enjoy the tea cake when you finally get it! Hope the wait goes quickly for you.

    Gemini- I asked the midwife last week whether I should be expecting a ginormo-baby. She kindly reassured me that she is measuring average! Let us know what your mw says.

    MrsB- have a lovely day with Isla. Definitely tire her out so you can hopefully relax this afternoon.

    BE- sorry you're not feeling too good. Realy hope it passes quickly. Make sure you wrap up warm today.

  • Banzy- definitely take it easy today. Such good news for your friends! Hope they have a lovely boring pregnancy.

    Tt- hope you are feeling better soon. You must be far more organised than me as I'm still keeping my legs crossed for a few weeks. I really don't want her to come early!

    Afm- h needed the car for work today and talked me in to dropping me off at my mums before he went to work this morning. I've still got sharp pains below my bump when I move and I don't think he wanted me home alone! I'm convinced I've just pulled a muscle from over doing it on Tuesday. It seemed a bit better yesterday morning but got progressively worse even with me having a lazy day. Going to have a nice soak in the bath and see if that helps. I'm not concerned its anything serious and baby is all wriggly so she is obviously oblivious!

  • Sam, I am famous for having slept through an earthquake and this morning I slept through 3 alarms! I think I'm just trying to get used to the sensation of being booted from the inside x

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