** Tuesday 1st Tri **

Morning all,

I'm early in work today - had no milk at home so C couldn't have breakfast there so dropped him off at nursery early before he started moaning too much! 

Don't want to moan on here too much so not a lot to say, woke really early and couldn't get back sleep, but don't feel too bad at the moment - I'm sure it will catch up on me later though!

Have a lovely day everyone x


  • Hi Deedee, I've been rubbish at getting on here for one reason or another so apologies hope everyone is doing well!

    I'm 6 weeks today, hope the next 2 weeks go just as fast, and the 2 weeks after that (and so on!). Feeling pretty nauseous this week, was a little bit sicky last night but it's almost the thought that's worse, and where I'm feeling nauseous the last thing I want to do is force food down but I'm trying!

    Hi to all that follow

  • morning all, didn't manage to get back on yesterday.

    Deedee - hope you can get some decent sleep tonight.

    Malteasers - happy six weeks sweet pea!

    AFM - I feel like bum today. Exhausted, nauseous and a little bit like I've been hit by a bus!! Oh well, life goes on!

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Hi ladies,

    Not much to say on my part. Couldn't get to sleep last night as I was thinking about dates & how it'll feel to turn up at my SIL's house at the beginning of April to meet my new niece or nephew with a bit of a bump! Hope the next few weeks go as fast for me as they have done for you Maltesers as it's really dragging (I just want to get to the scan!!).

    Hope you're both feeling better later x

  • Morning everyone

    Deedee - dont worry about moaning, thats what we are all here for! Nothing as annoying as running out of milk. Im with you on the lack of sleep - I woke up at 3am to pee and seen 5am - bearing in mind Im up at 6am that is not good! Like you I hope today goes in quickly so I can get back to my bed!

    Malteasers - my sickness kicked in at 6 weeks and is still here at 13 weeks - did you read the remedy thread? Some really great tips on it.

    Gavi - Can you get an early night tonight? Hope today doesnt drag for you

    Blackcat - nice to be kept awake by nice thought instead of worries!

    AFM - just the usual - feeling icky & sore head. Think I will dip into 2nd Tri today as well, just to say hello and get a feel for the place.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Maltesers - my sickness is worse later in the day, totally understand the not wanting to force food down - makes me feel worse sometimes. x

    Gavi - thanks, hope you get an early night too - sounds like you need one x

    Blackkat - that'll be a lovely time to share your news Smile

    SaSaSi - I just feel I'm constantly moaning about feeling sick nearly everyday, and I'm not even as bad as other people - it just feels never ending some times, and I hate it.  I think it's partly because I'm tired, but waking at 5.15 isn't going to help that.  I've got something else on my mind that didn't help with the getting to sleep last night  either.  Hope you're another who can get an early night x

  • Morning!

    Deedee - moan away lovely, that's what we're all here for. I'm sure lots of us are feeling rubbish and the moment and will all be moaning at some point or another :-)

    Maltesers - hope the nausea doesn't develop into anything more, happy 6 weeks!

    Gavi - hope you feel a bit better soon.

    BK - waiting for the scan really drags, doesn't it? I always think this part goes the slowest, especially when I still don't really feel pregnant and keep wondering whether I've made it all up!

    SaSaSi - I feel your pain re the headaches. I suffer with headaches anyway but I've been waking up every day with one recently. I think I might even have to see about booking in to see someone. The physio a few weeks ago was a waste of time.

    AFM, not really much to report still. Main symptoms are the headaches and tiredness. I was in bed before 8pm last night but have woken up feeling like I've not slept in a week. Anyway, we're going away for the weekend so I'm counting down the days to a bit of fresh, sea air and a change of scenery.

  • Weathergirl I avoided paracetamol for a few weeks until it just became so unbearable and OH couldnt even have said hello without me biting his head off. I take a max of 500mg paracetamol a day (as recommended by my doctor) and honestly it has been such a life saver.

  • WG - I seem to constantly be moaning Laugh  Sounds like we all need to be in bed early tonight!  Weekend away sounds lovely and just what you need x

  • Morning everyone, its busy this morning!

    DeeDee you're allowed to moan! I'm sure we will all have our moments. Hope you feel OK during the day.

    Malteasers happy 6 weeks! Hope the nausea doesn't turn into sickness. We must be due around the Same day as I'm about 6 weeks too.

    Gavi hope you feel a bit better later on in the say.

    Blackat hope you get to sleep tonight, but lovely it was exciting thoughts keeping you up.

    Sasasi hope you feel a bit better too, ohh how exciting going to 2nd tri!

    Weather girl hope the headache eases and definitely take some paracetamol if you haven't already. Weekend away sounds good.

    Going for a wander around the garden centre later as we are making a small sensory garden in k's memory so we want to get some ideas. Not much else to report, another one that had trouble getting off to sleep. I've got friends from uni visiting at the weekend so I'm trying to think of excuses as to why I'm not drinking all weekend!

  • Gavi happy 9 weeks green olive!!

    Blackkat I can't stop myself thinking about all the things happening and how pregnant I'll be at each point. I really want to just reach the scan and be ok but I have to think positive!

    SaSaSi - remedy thread? No I must have missed that? Eeeek for 2nd tri!!

    WG your weekend away sounds lovely! Hope you start feeling better before then though

    Bunny by my dates I reckon 14th October, what are you? The sensory garden sounds lovely, I haven't been around on MD for long so I don't know all the details of K's story but the garden sounds great.

  • Just bumped it for you Maltesers

  • SaSaSi - paracetamol is already my best friend but I don't really think my headaches are pregnancy related (I've been suffering with them for some time). I'm just conscious about taking them long term.

    Deedee - early nights rock around here haha.

    Bunny - a sensory garden sounds like such a lovely idea.

    I've just spoken to an acupuncturist about my headaches and she would be happy to treat me despite being only around 5 weeks pregnant. Providing she knows, she can tailor my treatment around it all. I'm now just waiting for one of the osteopaths to call me to discuss before making a decision what treatment to go for. I'm sick of waking up with headaches every day.

  • Malteaser I'm not exactly sure when I oved so currently guessing 15th October (I have longer cycles between 38-46 days) . k had patau syndrome which wasn't picked up during pregnancy, it was only when she was born that they noticed problems and we hot told the diagnosis when she a week and a half old. We were then told she would probably die before she was a month old. Luckily we had 4 and a half months with her.

    Weather girl acupuncture sounds a good idea and relaxing too!

  • WG let me know how acupuncture goes - I would love to try it!

  • Afternoon all, sorry I'm late to this today.

    DD - sorry you didn't sleep very well

    Maltesers - happy 6 weeks! Hope it is just nausea and doesn't turn into proper sickness!

    Gavi - hope you feel better soon

    BLackkat - hope you get some sleep tonight!

    SaSaSi - see you in second tri soon!

    WG - hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Bunny - what a lovely thing to do! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

    AFM - well I had a really down day yesterday and had the day off work as I just couldn't face it. Hardly slept Sunday night with stress and felt exhausted so called in sick.

    Had my 12-week scan today and everything went well :) baby wasn't co-operating so I had to shake my hips and cough to get them to move!! So cute seeing them move around.

    They have brought me forward to 12+4! X

  • Browny that's fab that your scan went well! Being bought forward means less Time to wait until you meet baby :). You were right to call in sick, you have to look after yourself x

  • Browny - great news about the scan. Sorry to hear you were feeling down yesterday x

    Well, I've booked an acupuncture app. Earliest I could get fitting in around F at nursery is 2 weeks tomorrow. Feels ages away but fingers crossed it goes quickly - I've been getting headaches for so long a few more weeks won't hurt I suppose!

  • ooohh busy thread today.

    DD - hope you get a better nights rest soon.

    Maltesers - I have felt sick, but not actually been sick, so I hope you are the same.

    Hope you feel better soon Gavi - I love your ticker, I think I'll get one after the scan.

    BLackkat - fingers crossed you catch up on sleep soon.

    SaSaSi - 2nd TRI! When do you move over? is it 13 weeks? if so I will be joining you in a week (fingers crossed)

    WG - sounds like you have a great weekend planned

    Bunny - what will you include in the sensory garden Bunny? It sounds like a lovely idea.

    Great news about the scan Browny, but sorry you felt rubbish yesterday.

    I am in half term and it is great! doing all the jobs that needed doing, like car insurnace, puttting stuff on ebay and sorting out bank stuff. Catching up with my mum tomorrow which will be lovely. Need to do some marking but will leave that 'til Thursday I think. Generally I am doing well. Still struggling with my bum and leg ache - I've realised it is more my bum and leg than my back. Feels like constant cramp, and had me in tears at the weekend. But fingers crossed it goes soon. My first scan is a week today which is exciting.

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