** Tuesday 3rd tri **

Congratulations to mrs 50s and tina teaspoon!! Good to see the ball rolling now on the BAs. I hope I'm next but I'm not holding my breath.
Wide awake at 5am. Lovely start to the day. Thought I would be shattered after cleaning for 6 hours yesterday :-(
off to a friends house for lunch today. Hi to all that follow x x


  • Oh so lovely to wake to 2 BAs today!

    LP and signs of anything this morning?

    Ok I'm really really struggling with sleep! I'm exhausted, I went to be for 10 last night and was out like a light but then woke at 2:15 to pee and then that's me lying wide awake. I just can't fall back asleep. I do eventually but then I'm up at 6 for work so all in all I think I maybe got 6 hours which just isn't enough for me! Should I get up if I'm lying awake or just stay in bed? I don't know what the secret is!

    Other than that things are fine. I did have a panic last night that I hadn't felt much movements but bubs was quite active about 8:30 just as I was getting to the panic stage! My movements were all very very low though as opposed to right up at my ribs so I'm also wondering if he's now head up the way!? Ordered a mat coat y'day, can't wait for it to arrive, it's seriously went cold now!

    Hi to all and baby out vibes to LP and Banzy (I hope I've not missed anyone!?)x

  • Morning all!!

    Big congrats to TT and Mrs 50's!!

    LP- hope that your not far behind!

    MDD- I feel for your lack of sleep, I'm in the same boT. Woke at 2.30, 4 and 5.30 for the toilet then up at 6 for work. Plus my bump is still so high, that Im finding itvreally uncomfortable. hoping it drops soon and it doesn't mean baby will ge really late! ha. Roll on next Friday when I finish for maternity!  :-)

    35 weeks today, where has the time gone?!

    Have a good day everyone. Lots of baby out vibes to those needing them!

  • Morning ladies

    LP enjoy your lunch. Sorry to hear you were awake at stupid o clock baby out vibes to you

    MDD I would like baby out vibes from tomorrow eve please. Don't really want baby's birthday on the same day as Isla's! Definitely stay in bed even if not asleep, that way you're still resting x

    Hi Gemini hope you have a good day.

    AFM midwife this morning only two days overdue and with Isla's birthday tomorrow I will decline a sweep if she offers just incase it kicks things off. Quite happy to wait another week if she doesn't arrive before. No other plans today x

  • Morning everyone - congratulations again to Mrs 50s & TT!

    LP - lots of baby out vibes for you, any twinges?

    MissDD -I went through a short stage of struggling to sleep, but it did improve. Hope the same happens for you.

    Gemini - not long till mat leave!!

    Mrs B - good luck at the midwife, hopefully baby is imminent or if not then will offer vibes for Thursday x

    AFM - due date today and off to see the midwife this afternoon. I had regular 8 minute contractions all evening but not painfull enough to keep me up all night. I was woken by a few and they are still going this morning. Will ask the midwife if she can attempt a sweep, feel like something has been happening since Sunday so would like to know if anything actually is!! No other plans today

  • Hi all. No twinges or bloody anything. Had a bit of a cry on OH this morning. Why doesn't she want to come out?
  • Bless you LP, I know how you feel. Even though I've only just reached my due date, my first was 9 days early and I had it in my head that this one would be too. They can't stay in there forever though, it won't be long!! xxx

  • Morning ladies, im very excited about the BAs that have started comming in! Hopefullynwe'll get a couple more this week!

    Baby out vibes to Banzy, LP & bumpenvy!

    LP-enjoy ur lunch and I hope u manage to catch up on sleep. U have obviously made a very comfy home in there!

    Missdeedee- sleep vibes for u too! Which coat did u get? I looked at a couple but decided I wouldnt get much wear outof it!

    Gemini- sleep vibes to u too! Not long until mat leave now! Ive worked out over the next 4 weeks I have 6 days in the office and 4 at and event and 5 on holiday and thats it! Yay!

    MrsB- baby stay put for now vibes for u!

    Banzy-happy due date, I hope the midwife has positive news!

    AFM- I seem to be waking more in the nights now but apparently that is asign the baby has moved down and therefore putting more pressure on ur bladder. I purposly avoid looking at the time, just shuffle back to bed!

    Had lots of movements recently, had my hand on my bump last night while they were wiggling and im sure instead of a normal lump and bump movement, I felt a foot! Pretty weird. Finally managed to get a little video but its pretty brief!

    Off to midwife in a bit for the usual pee, pressure and prod them in going to town to try again to get these nighties and maybe get measured so I can get some maternity bras!

  • Morning ladies, this thread is getting much quieter with all these BAs!

    LP - I really hope Sparkles doesn't keep you waiting much longer, can imagine how fed up you feel xx

    Mdd - I hope your sleep problems don't continue, it's horrible being awake in the middle of the night!

    Gem - The weeks seem to fly! Soon you can enjoy your mat leave :-)

    MrsB - Baby stay put for a few days!

    Banzy - Hope midwife can tell you what's happening or give you a sweep to encourage things!

    Mrs Bass - I have a foot poking out of my side the majority of the time now! Hope your midwife appointment goes well x

    AFM - No idea what's going on with my body. Felt rubbish yesterday and then last night was in tears with what I thought was a UTI but seems to have vanished in the night. Headache and really sore throat and eyes this morning. Still getting random twinges and strong BHs. Feeling a little sorry for myself so apologies for the moany post!

  • No mummysimpson this morning????

  • I'm here MrsB just feeling fed up, been reading everyones posts though.

  • Oh dear. Sorry to hear that. Please cheer up. Have you any chocolate in the house?

  • Morning MS, baby out vibes a plenty! Xx

  • Morning everyone,

    LP, you have just done too good a job of growing baby, she's just really happy there! Baby outs your way though.

    MDD, sorry you are having rubbish sleep. Where did you get your mat coat? I've been hoping the parka I bought would be warm enough, but don't think it will be so might have to bite the bullet.

    Gemini, enjoy the countdown to finishing work. Hope bump drops soon!

    Mrs B, hope the midwife goes ok. No baby outs for you til next week now.

    Banzy, hope this is the start for you and things get moving!

    Mrs Bass, how amazing to be feeling feet rather than general movement! Hope all goes well at midwife.

    Arm, working from home then midwife for me too. General prod and pee check, then whooping cough jab.

    Congratulations TT, lovely to see your BA x

  • Hi MS, baby out vibes heading your way x

  • Mrs p be prepared for a really achy arm for 2/3 days afterwards. Mine hurt to sleep on

  • Hi MrsP, I agree with MrsB - the whooping cough jab made my arm sore for days!

  • Oh no :-(

    I'm already joining the poor sleepers gang, don't need any more reasons to keep me awake x

  • Hi all, on my phone so personals impossible now its 2pages but baby out vibes to overdue ladies. Remember no one stays pregnant forever!

    Having a lazy day today - partly because im shattered, partly cos car is at garage having boot door hinge fixed and partly cos its been raining all morning!

  • Back from MW. She said bump still quite high and now 3/5 engaged. No more routine appointments now. Just booked in for a sweep a week Thursday If baby doesn't arrive before x

  • MummyS & bumpenvy- hope u are both feeling perkier soon!

    MrsP- my wc was fine but like the otherscsaid, a bit achey after especially when I rolled on to it when asleep

    HF- enjoy ur lazy day!

    MrsB- exciting news from mw!

    Well I actually saw my midwife today (havent since booking in at 8weeks) turns out she hsd shingles then a couple of weeks after recovering, fell and broke her elbow! Ouch! It was good as she went over all my notes very thproughly! She made me promise if i started to feel I was sttuggling at work to finish early. She said there is a reason mat leave can start at 29 weeks!

    She is also getting me a prescription for gaviscon!

    Then I braved primark and got a nightie. They also had nice pj tops with a few buttons at the top so I got a coiple of them and some funkey bottoms!

    Got measured for a bra but m&s and debenhams didnt go up to H cups so im going to have to order online!!

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